Getting a clue from "Unlimited" FPS

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  • I've created a habit of often going and checking how high I can get my FPS if I switch the game to Unlimited mode instead of V-sync, and as of late I am down to around 250 FPS doing that with what I can only call the still-sort-of infancy of my engine and game.

    What kind of FPS do you other people get on your projects once you start to get most of your engine ready? I worry about performance all the time, maybe I shouldn't, but I get more paranoid the more I see it closing in on 60 FPS.

    Does it commonly lie around that point, or am I just really an inefficient programmer? The events running are well over 1000, maybe 1800 but not much more than that. I just want to know what the standards for other people are!

    PS: It doesn't really help my programming that Families just don't work for me. I've gotten into that before but it's hard to explain and seemingly random (relates to families not picking the right private variables, probably only when different sprites in the family have variables of their own, outside the family). Right now I have like one type of sprite that, say, all enemies center on and use variables from.

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  • That's a good habit to get in to. However, interpreting the results depends on your hardware. If you've got a really crap graphics card for example, 250fps means pretty much all machines will be able to run your game with a nice overhead above V-sync rate. If you've got nVidia's latest $500 graphics card with 500 shader cores, that's equivalent to ordinary video cards choking to death, but your card is so obscenely powerful it can still pump out 250fps. (these cards can often get 10,000fps+ with simple games on unlimited framerate, which is pretty amazing)

    As for families, are there any bugs on the tracker about it? Have you been able to reproduce issues in a new .cap?

  • I think I have standard hardware. Let's just hope the FPS doesn't drop much further than that.

    And whenever I try to replicate my problem in a new cap nothing goes wrong, and I think if I try to simplify my current project to show publically it starts working, but I could try again.

  • I wouldn't worry about it. If it turns out the FPS is a bit lower than you'd like in the end, then you can make adjustments. Bad idea to slow down your game development obsessing over framerate.

    Developers always (well, usually) save optimization for last.

  • I also get this bug with families, I'll try and email you a .cap later ashley.

    EDIT - .cap sent

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