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  • Hi all...

    Iam trying after long time make a game in Construct with elements like Final Fantasy IV (4) or Final Fantasy V (5)...

    But there is few little problems for me...

    1) Iam Damn bad Graphic (making animations meaning too)

    2) I Dont know how to make battle AI like in FF battle modes

    3) This project is for One man too hard... seriously

    So Iam trying to find someone who will help me with those things

    On all matters we will talk...

    Everyone who wants to help me with this project send me PM or contact me on my Skype


    Sorry my English Iam not borned in nations where is English National language...

  • Even though it is very much possible to build an adequate 16-bit type jRPG with Construct, you sound like the type of guy who would benefit more with a tool such as RPG Maker. It would at least fill your first two requirements.

    As for the third, most people start out thinking they need exterior help and motivation, but the truth is at the end of the day, it's your own project and your own ambitions, and nobody will come and do the dirty work for you. Forums such as this one are good for instant feedback, though. It can often bring a boost of motivation if other members like your work.

    Good luck with your project, and don't give up on it if you feel it's worth it.

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  • I dont like RPG maker, but I dont know why...Maybe do not fit me...

    Maybe I know how to make the Battle Engine but there is another problem with random Enemies spawning into Battle...Stronger monsters can be attached to global variables / zones... but again need random spawning or it will be One monster same time...

    Have anyone any idea how to make random spawning into battle?

    E:// Construct is comfortable

  • There is a random() expression. Random(10) will give you a value from 0 to 9.

    If you want a one in ten chance of, say, another monster spawning, you could do a System Compare for "random(10) is equal to 0", then spawn your creature.

  • Hmph... realy good idea but its an python script right?

  • Huh?

    No, it's a regular event. I don't use Python. I don't even have it installed.

    <img src="">

  • huh...Its good but I never seen it before in Construct ^^...So thanks its usefull

  • Here's a whole list of other system expressions that you can use: ... xpressions

    Even though the wiki isn't complete yet it still has some good info.

  • good to know ^^... thanks

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