Game Licence question.

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  • While looking at the website, I found that the licensing section provides wiki link to the GPL, which in turn applies to all GPL and open source programs.

    Is there a text of a license available that deal with the distribution (both commercial and non) of the games we create with the engine?

    Hopefully this isn't like Gamemaker, where YoYo Games automatically own everything you make...

  • Take a look at the stick in this forum. GPL doesn't cover your creations. You can do what you like with them. GPL only refers to the source code to Construct itself.

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  • So basically our creations are license-free from the Construct side.

    Thank You.

  • But the games use the Construct Runtime, so while our creations don't fall under the GPL, doesn't the Runtime itself still fall under that?

  • to be clear:

    you can sell your game commercially,

    you don't have to mention construct

    though I would


    welcome to scirra

  • The question that was being discussed in chat was someone thought that while the GPL didn't cover our creations in construct, the runtime wasn't part of our creations, therefore bundling something like the DX9 redist with one of our creations, since it was using the runtime, wasn't allowed.

  • I really don't think there would be a problem with including the dx9 distro with your game. After it's become a .exe file then it's a separate entity from Construct, and thus isn't subject to the same license. You'd probably run into problems if you were trying to sell your game and included Construct with it however... but your game + dx9 should be just fine.

  • Yes, including the DX9 redistributable yourself with your game should be fine, but I think you have to ensure the EULA for the installer is shown before installing. They're called "redistributables" because, well, you're supposed to distribute them yourself

  • Hopefully this isn't like Gamemaker, where YoYo Games automatically own everything you make...

    YoYo games don't own anything unless you choose to "share" the game on their website.

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