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  • Yes, fractals. The possibilities are practically endless!

    A six-pack of unconditional love goes to the one who develops a plugin or some mean of embedding fractal support within Construct.


    Here are the potential uses:

    • images - for background, etc, whatever
    • dynamically generated maps
    • dynamically generated sprites (big bad bosses at end of the level in a retro shooter)
    • movement pattern
    • dynamic masks (for textures or special effects)
    • visualization

    And more.

    Edit: Er, okay, guess I confused procedural generation and fractals. Still, the idea stands.

  • I predict that Ash is going to comment on how DirectX has no good way of doing vector graphics.

  • DirectX has no good way of animating fractals, unless you came up with a really cool shader, which is just a shader, not a plugin.

  • <img src="">

  • Yum yummy, I love Alien Artichokes.

  • Nope, that'd be Romanesco broccoli

  • although you already said that you're really looking for procedural generation (which you could do with events), here's a link to the vvvv shader page which contains a fractal shader (ClassicFractals.fx).

  • i have a question, if we were to put one of these FX files into the construct directory, would it work?

  • not out of the box. but thanks to directx, construct also uses .fx files written in HLSL, so the changes are marginal. most of them are due to the different ways the both programs interface with the shader.

    very short semi-informed manual: when looking at the Additive.fx in construct's effect folder, you can see that the most important (and in this case only) thing is to define a technique called ConstructEffect, which construct calls. when looking into any 'foreign' .fx, you will also find these definition (mostly at the bottom). these techniques tell which functions should be used for vertex- and pixelshading. if you just boldly go and rename them to ConstructEffect, construct can uses the shader. make sure to have VertexShader refer to null, though (else it didn't work for my first try).

    i'm just trying this out, so take it with a grain of salt, but i guess by looking at the other .fx in the construct folder, it should become obvious in which way one has to define variables for them to appear in construct.

  • well can you post an example fx for me, cause i have think you know what youre doing

    ohh and this is a cap i made, its not really a infinite fractal, but it is a fractaly thing

    its cool try it out ... PRIRAL.cap

  • i'm working on it :)

    (the fractal shader is out of reach for me, though, since it needs ps version 3.0...)

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  • hmm procedural texture generation is kind of possible using the canvas object and drawing other objects into it and stuff...and then saving the canvas into an external file and loading it... I know there's that cool 12kb game that uses procedural texture generation, but other then that I haven't really seen any good uses for it...most people have fast internet and dont need games to be 12kb

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