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  • As per popular request, I've set up a forum for competitions!

    I think some users are interested in running competitions, so I'll leave it to whoever is interested. I'd recommend, however:

    • a regular monthly competition, so people know when the next one is and can plan for it (e.g. get some team mates together)
    • a "token" prize - doesn't have to be anything serious, maybe just a picture of a badge
    • "just for fun" informal atmosphere - just for some game making fun, not the kind of thing where it's worth getting upset over results or anything.

    As I said, I suppose you can arrange everything yourselves - maybe the winner of the last competition could choose the theme for the next month's. It's just for fun, so I'm sure everyone can come to a consensus on something. If you need any help, send me a PM (I tend to be pretty busy these days).

    You can use this forum for both Construct Classic and Construct 2 competitions - don't forget to specify if you want to run a competition for just one in particular, or both.

    We also used to run 1-hour competitions which were popular in their day. If you want to organise something similar on an impromptu basis, feel free to make a thread, but make sure you post far ahead enough in advance to give everyone time to find out about it too.

    Have fun!

  • I've created a sticky thread for testing your competition ideas here:

    The Thunderdome

    To keep forum clutter and broken hearts to a minimum, I strongly urge everyone to use it.

  • Just noticed there's no link to this forum on the index.

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  • Newt "Just noticed there's no link to this forum on the index"


    Where is the link to this forum on the main pages?

    You have to type 'competitions' into the search to find it.

  • <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5811650/compo.PNG">

    It's in the Your Creations section, but there's no link to it on the main page.

  • Thanks...it's not easy to find?

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