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  • Have any of you developers read this by Glenn Fiedler? ... -timestep/

    Just curious on your thoughts of possibly including this in a future build of Construct?

    I noticed that the physics are tied to the frame rate... I can't run unlimited FPS or the physics are non-functional (basically). Possibly I am missing something, though (I am using TimeDelta where applicable).

    Feel free to correct me if that's the case, otherwise, I think you'll find Gaffer's solution to be quite simple and very effective. It also takes into account time scaling (slow motion, fast forward replays, etc).

    PS: The State stuff in the article snippets is a little confusing, but if you scroll down and download/run the source code example for the tutorial, it'll make more sense.

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  • The physics was frame rate independent up until version 0.99.91, which is where we see the first introduction of this problem. So yeah, looks like this is a bug, so i will go retrieve my source forge account name and password and post this up on the bug tracker.

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