A few suggestions

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  • Please correct me if I am wrong on any of the points.

    An option to loop back the animation to a specific frame.

    An option to add new frames in the animation from within the animation window.

    The animation editor seems to crash very often, especially when using the select tools. They don't seem to snap to the pixels of the image before you let go of the mouse and make a selection. I remember this happening in mmf 1.5 back in the days, which were a sure sign that it would soon crash. May be a related kind of problem.

    When you have selected a part of a sprite with a select tool it would be nice to be able to manually rotate it. When I used the rotate tool on top strange and unusual things happened, could not undo.

    The paste clone seems to only work as paste, which makes creating parts for platform games tedious.

    Other than that it seems like a fantastic product. All respect to the creator of it. Now it only needs some kick ass games to be made with it

  • And onion skin for the animation window would be kick ass, and make animation much easier

  • id also like to see loop back to frame,

    it should be in the animation properties bar, where you can see speed, loop (yes/no),loop # of times ect. except add loop back to certain frame, with a number selector, like in mmf. its usefull if you want lets say a jump animation to start with a jump, but then infinitely continue with a cape flowing ect ect

  • I think that an improved, more stable animator with onion skin would very much improve the workflow and as far as my programming knowledge goes onion skin should not be the worst thing to implement. The way it is now it crashes way too often for comfort. But so does most other similar applications. I remember pulling out strands or even entire chunks of hair at mmf 1.5. Though I have the impression that the program is often updated and one can always hope that some of these features are implemented some time in the future.

  • We're aware of deficiencies in the animation system - and we will be trying to plug them ASAP!

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