A few car and sprite editing requests

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  • Hi, i'm brand new to Construct, so forgive me if there's workarounds or options for these that i've managed to miss, i did have a bit of a poke about and couldn't see anything that jumped out at me though...

    Car movement:

    -I HAAATE the "back the way you came" bouncing collisions! Do you think at some point they could be changed to a more "realistic" (well not really, in real life your car crumples up and you die, but you get what i mean) bouncing method that "reflects" the car away like a bouncing ball, so if you have a "glancing" impact with something you bounce away from it but still go in roughly the same direction, and only shoot back in reverse if you hit something dead-on at 90 degrees. Perhaps options could be made to choose either "reversing" or "reflecting" bounces? Of course the holy grail would be for it to also add some rotation, so if you hit a wall at 45 degrees the car would bounce off and spin around... but i know when not to ask too much

    -I tried to make the car slow down when it hit an object so if it did have to shoot backwards it didn't do so at the same speed, i did this by making a collision event and giving it the action "Sprite[Car].Speed/2", which i took to mean that on a collision it would reduce the car's speed by half, but it doesnt seem to have any effect at all (i have a counter telling me the speed, i hit the object at 500 so it should jump down to 250, but i defintiley see it go through the 400's and 300's). I also tried multiplying the car's speed by half but that didn't work either.

    -Also, i don't know if i set it up wrong, but collisions with the 3D box objects seem to be stuck on "box" collisions. For instance i was passing the corner of one at a 45 degree angle and rebounded as if i had collided without actually touching the box

    Sprite editing:

    -MMF 2 has nifty buttons to set the position of the hotspot to the centre, corners or middles of the edges, such a thing in Consruct would be very useful, but if not how about being able to set the X and Y position of it by typing in numbers? That way at least you could quickly calculate where the middle of the sprite should be by dividing the width and length by half

  • Use the numpad key 5 to position the point to the center.

  • 1. If you aren't happy with the way car behaviour behaves (oh the pun), you can make your own car movement with Construct events (after you've learned the ropes of Construct). Custom movement behaviour is now here to fulfill your darkest desires!

    2. Numeric keypad can be used in image editor to place the hotspot. 5 centers it, 4 puts it in middle of left edge etc.

  • Aha, that's more helpful. Now if only my laptop had a number pad, Oh well i think the fn key can be used to turn some letters into one XD.

    Edit: This will probably sound ridiculous but how do i make things happen when keys are pressed? There's no control-related events in the event sheet editor!

  • Add the Mouse & Keyboard object.

    Perhaps you should go through the Ghost Shooter tutorial before moving on. It covers basic things like that. Just a suggestion.

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  • Add a Mouse and Keyboard object first.

    EDIT: Dang, beaten by deadeye

  • The problem you are having with the 3D boxes is a known "issue". It's not really a "problem" as such, but does require a workaround. I usually leave the 3D box as a non-solid, and create a "detector" sprite under the base of the box. Use the detector as a collider instead of the box itself.

    Other than that, there has been some mention of improving the car behaviour... but custom movement would be the way to go if you want something really amazing.


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