February update

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  • There's been several builds since the last update, and we're hoping to release 0.99 either in February or early March. This will be the last large update before release candidates, so after 0.99 we're just focusing on bug fixes.

    What's planned for 0.99

    There's several core features we're planning to add for 0.99, which are necessary for large scale projects. The main three are:

    • V-RAM controls: the ability to control when textures are loaded and dumped is highly important in large games. Huge games like the upcoming Terminal Orbit will not run on a lot of graphics cards without the game being able to load/dump textures in a per-layout fashion. 0.99 should introduce the option to decide when textures are loaded, as a layout property, and as system actions for individual object control.
    • Better object organisation: one large issue for large projects currently is that when a lot of objects are added, it can become hard to control them in both the Object Bar and the Event Wizard. 0.99 will introduce the option to group objects into folders, for better control and organisation.
    • Revamped controls system: controls currently are in need of a remake, with several options missing like being able to have multiple players natively, to change controls at runtime, and to support controllers. This will be changed in a redesigned control system, with controller and XBox360 controller support.

    What else we're up to

    We're a little less busy than we were in the last few months, but still very much working in spare pockets of time. One focus of ours is to greatly improve the documentation. Behaviors have been fully documented now, and we're going to work more on objects and on the user interface over the next month.

    What you can do

    As we approach 1.0, the best things that can be done are to help us work on the Wiki, to write a detailed tutorial, or to make templates/example games to help new users. We've had an upsurge in forum activity recently, so there are more new users and support queries. The better the community documentation and examples, the better!

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