[Feature Request] RenderFrame

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  • I'd like the ability to make construct render a frame whenever I choose instead of only at the end of the event stack.

    Then I can do things like this more easily:

    While Var <=5
         Grow Object
          Render Frame
          Wait X ms
          Shrink Object
          Render Frame
          Wait X ms
    Right now it seems if I want to update the display I have to wait for all the events to run.  In the case where I want events to not run until the display updates in a particular way (e.g. shrinking and growing an object repeatedly as a priming effect) I'd have to turn groups off and on and use variables to check what state I'm in (grow vs. shrink state etc) and it gets more complicated with more complex display updates.  Basically, I think if this is easy to add it would be nice to be able to stay inside a sub-block of events with some sort of loop yet still be able to update the display without having to resolve the entire event stack first.
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