Feature Request: Install to thumb drive (portable install)

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  • Think this would be possible? Being able to launch Construct off a thumb drive, no matter what PC I'm at, would be awesome.

    edit: well, i just confirmed you can basically already do this. haven't run into any issues yet. i wanted to be able to use it on a university PC that doesn't allow me to install anything, so i borrowed someone's laptop, installed it on my thumb drive, and now i'm running it off my thumb drive on the university PC .

    any of the construct devs have any insight on this? the way i did it, is it pretty much the same as the software on portableapps.com? or is it a somewhat borked install that may have issues? just curious about your thoughts.

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  • I tried this yesterday, and Construct always crashed on exit. It also crashed whenever I closed a project, but it does that anyway.

  • I'll have to give it a try and see if it works for me as well... I use a program on my flash drive called PSmenu (portable start menu) and I could add Construct to that quite easily if it does in fact work as a portable install! Nice find though, I will give it a go later and let you know.


  • This could be done, if an option was added not to save/load to/from registry at startup and close.

    Also, exporting would need to export to the USB drive.

  • One potential problem is you'll still need the VC2005 redist installed and the DirectX 9 updates in order to launch the IDE. If the computer you're running on via USB doesn't have either, you still need the full blown install. In theory we can get rid of the VC2005 redist, but you'd still have to go installing things without an up-to-date DirectX 9.

  • I too want a portable Construct. I tried it, but I can't run the project. At first, it wouldn't even launch. I extracted the VC2005 redist and the latest DirectX dll's into Constructs folder, and then it did start, but I couldn't run a project.

    Any ideas? 'Cause I want to use it on school, but I don't have administrator rights on school, so I can't install Construct, VC2005 redist or the latest DirectX.

  • Did you try putting d3dx9_39.dll in the Construct directory? If that doesn't work, you probably need a real DirectX install, which means you just can't get it to run from a USB disk on a crippled-access computer. Construct also exports the preview to the Application Data\Scirra directory, so if you can, you'll need to paste d3dx9_39.dll there so the runtime can find it too (but first the IDE has to work).

  • I tried putting the d3dx9_39.dll in the Construct directory, and indeed, that made it launch (Construct, not a project). I can also launch a compiled Construct application, like the Ghost Shooter demo, when I put d3dx9_30.dll in the same directory (if I remember correctly, that is the file).

    Thanks for the tip on putting the dll in the Application Data folder, I'll try it when I'm at school again.

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