Extremely large playing field is crashing the program.

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  • So I made a 50,000x50,000 playfield, and spawned 3000 clusters of objects in it. Yeah the program wouldn't run, and it is the size of the numbers because when I reduced them it ran fine, albeit boringly.

    It's basically a large space field filled with asteroids and stuff...but it needs to be that populated and it needs to be that large. Is there some way I can stream the objects from an array or something? Things are going to be changing in other places as well, so the objects need to be in memory somehow...either via an array or whatever.

  • Do the asteroid need to always be in the same place? I'm guessing no because asteroids generally move. Anyway, you could have your asteroids spawn just off-screen in the direction that the player is moving.

    Then give them a count-down timer to destroy themselves after they've been offscreen a while. That way it won't look funny if the player turns around and goes the other way because the asteroids they just passed by will still be there. You probably wouldn't need to keep them around for more than a few seconds.

  • I've created layouts nearly that size before and its worked OK for me - could you possibly send the crashing cap to ?

  • Is your computer just not quite able to run it maybe?

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  • No there's no performance issue, it doesn't hang at all since the program doesn't even start. It just throws a vague error on startup. If I knew where the logs for these errors were at or maybe could find a more descriptive error it'd help.

  • bope, i can run a playfield which is 999999999 by 999999999 and i cant put it any higher. maybe you dont have enough ram or something

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