Export event sheets and cap to XML - version control

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  • My first week with construct and so far I love it

    What I really miss in it thought is version control compatibility.

    Cap files are neat, seen the use of them here in the forums, but they are binaries so you really cant version it under CVS or SVN. You can not do a simple compare of two files, a feature you could use from time to time.

    What I would wish, would be that the program would have an export function of the whole project to a suitable ASCI file, preferably XML of YAML.

    If this is to hard then at least make the event sheets exportable. I would imagine the import function would get a check mechanism if all objects in the imported XML are present in the project and would give a list of missing ones so the dev can quickly put at least some place-holders for them and test out the mechanics.

    Or maybe I miss something and there is a way of exchanging event sheets between ppl?

    Without version control I cant think of a way to do a serious game involving more than one developer :/

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  • It's been requested a lot. In fact, there's another thread about this just a few threads below this one...

    Anyway, the devs were working on the ability to copy/paste objects and events between .caps (there is already rudimentary support for this but it is still buggy). If that feature is finished, that's likely where it will end, at least as far as Construct 1.0 is concerned.

    As for Construct 2, the devs have said that .cap files will be pure XML so there won't be an issue there really. But that's not for a long way off.

  • [quote:23r30dlb]It's been requested a lot. In fact, there's another thread about this just a few threads below this one...

    After posting my request I found that thread

    It is more about making the cap file a txt file, what I really want is a way to export at least the evens sheet.

    Well, we will have to wait till C2 is done then.

    Once again, superb program you got there

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