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  • I know that I can save arrays into files with whatever name that I like and no one will be able to edit them. But I've had serious issues with saving and loading arrays (arrays reverting to 1x1 on write and read, text information not being copied into arrays when instructed, etc.).

    What I'd like to see is the ability to create encrypted copies of the INI files with any file extension, on final compile. Entering information manually in an INI ahead of time is much easier than trying to force it into an array(since I'll have to enter the info manually one way or another), and that way if I make a level editor the files would actually be read properly by the program instead of throwing random values and zeroes.

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  • I think an array could easily be opened and edited. You just can't use notepad and expect it to be readable. I'm sure there are programs though or at least it'd be easy to make one if the method of storage is Construct specific.

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