Enable collisions with an object

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  • There doesn't seem to be a clear or simple way to get the physics behavior to behave properly with the platform behavior (or other behaviors). I covered this problem mostly in this topic:

    Anyway, as I was saying before, in the event editor (under the "Physics" tab), there should be an option to enable collisions with an object. Currently, there only seems to be an option to disable collisions with an object.

    I thought there was an "enable collisions with an object" option before, but I don't see it (at least not in the recent version of Construct). Since it doesn't seem to exist, I would like to request for it to be added as a feature.

    Edit: Either that, or some other way to make two behaviors work together without problems, platform and physics especially.

  • The platform and physics behaviors aren't designed to be used together; they use completely different engines. What we need is some kind of 'physics platform' behavior, which combines the two.

    To enable physics collisions with another object, you have to give that object the Physics behavior as well. The physics engine only looks for other objects controlled by the physics engine to collide with.

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  • I guess the only way around this at the moment would be to create a custom platform engine for a "physics" based character, using events.


  • Damn. I never knew that. I always thought I could make a platform game with pushable physics crates and such. I was wondering why I had trouble doing something that Construct seems to be able to do.

    Yeah, I've already made a platform movement once using the physics behavior in an earlier example I uploaded here. But it isn't really that ideal for player movement since it skids around a lot and can sometimes be too "floaty." It just doesn't have the same feel or level of control that the actual platform movement does.

    If I could use something that had the same type of control and precision of movement as the platform object but with properties that can interact with the physics object, that would be great. But right now, it seems like that's not possible. I would love to see it in a future version though.

    Edit: Also, the 8 way and other movements have the same problem, right? Maybe do the same with those and make it so those can interact with physics objects as well.

  • Hm, I am not sure how well this works, but as a workaround you could make a invisible, non-rotateable detector with physics and set it's position always at a sprite which has the platform behavior.

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