Another Effect Idea - (Fake) Volumetric Lighting

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  • It'd be nice if we could have an effect to cast volumetric light, which can be blocked by other objects with a higher Z order than the caster.

    Some examples may be:

    • A church in a platformer where light streams in from windows. The player and enemies block the light as they pass. They may not necessarily block all the light, as some would have light going down either side. So perhaps an ability to determine how much of the light gets cut out by each object. This would let you have wide objects that block the whole stream, and narrow objects which only make their shadow area slightly darker.
    • A space game, where with the sun onscreen, ships cast a volumetric shadow behind them.
    • Platformers, especially cutscenes, where someone opens a door and the shaft of light gets blocked by the player. Great 'player leaves/enters dungeon' effect.
    • Could be a useful feature to exploit to create realistic flashlights, which get innately blocked by obstacles.

    Would be even cooler if the effect could somehow use an image to colour the light (windows with many panes, or stained glass windows).

    I dunno if there's much written online about this, but it'd rock

    EDIT: Might this help? ... hics-2004/

  • Very interesting idea... I'm really interested in adding better lighting effects, but it's quite tricky to implement. I'm not sure Z ordered lighting would be very intuitive to design in a 2D world - since there's nothing 3D about it - but still, dynamic shadows being cast as lights move around is a great idea. It's not simple though, I'll give it some thought.

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  • Then we just need normal mapping, haha.

  • And Spag' Bol' support... I'm still waiting...

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