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  • I've come upon a situation where it would be really handy to be able to edit the pivot point on the box object. I don't necessarily mean precisely, just options like top-left, bottom-middle, etc. I need it for adding objects relative to the sides and corners, and for offsetting the rotation. I'm picturing something like the options you have in Flash when you create a new symbol, you have a 3*3 grid to select sides, corners and center.

    I can't see any way to do this right now. If it's already possible, please someone enlighten me. Otherwise, I hope this feature can be added, not just for box objects, but for any object that displays on the screen.

  • I think you can get what you need by adding multiple image points to the Sprite you want to attach things to. They rotate with the Sprite as well.

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  • I'm not using a sprite, I'm using a box. I want to position objects in relation to the box without needing to do any calculations based on its size. Rather than pre-calculating all of the x/y values, I just want to do 'box.x+2, box.y+2' and have the item spawn two pixels in from the top-left corner.

    I'm using the 'System - create relative to object' action, but the pivot point is always in the centre and I need to spawn things relative to the corner. That's why I made this request.

    Also, not in this case, but maybe in others, it may be necessary to rotate something not around the centre, like you can do in Flash.

    Am I just trying to use the box object in a way it wasn't intended here?

  • I requested this a couple of weeks ago and I believe Rich said it's either done (for next build) or it will be done.

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