How You Easily View Long List of Events/Actions?

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  • Am looking for some ideas how other people view their events and actions. Maybe you take screen shots and print them out, but then that is constant ink and paper killing when you print up new changes. Maybe you copy as text everything early on into a text document, and change that when you make game changes?

    I have found when I sue Construct a unit with 1920x1200, my layout is not as squished when viewing on a screen at 1680x1050. Either way, no way to easily view all of the events and actions without having to constantly scroll in the program. Figured I see how others do their tracking of events.



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  • I took a 1920x1080 monitor and put it on its side, and rotated the display via the nVidia control panel so my monitor is 1080x1920. It's awesome how much code is on the screen at once.

  • I use seperated event sheets for code that belongs together (audio, text, movement, functions, etc.), and use as much sub-events as possible to be able to collapse bigger bits of code. Finally, but just for organizing, I make use of groups.

    Altogether this makes the event sheets very easy maintainable, I almost never lose overview.

  • I have started to use groups, but even those get long and have to go between some. I think in time I will come up with easier methods. I always try to stay as organized as possible. While playing in the program this week, I found that I am scrolling more than I care for.

    The fun of programming, right???

  • memorization


    nah i kind of loosely use groups and sub events and try to make my code as reusable as possible with families and functions and stuff. working on making things easy to work with is better imo than an organized mess

  • I do wish I had the mind of Data (from Star Trek: The Next Generation) to remember every detail of life.

  • Groups, and sub-events.

  • Groups/sub event and comments as a way to help breaking down the code in organized parts.

  • I do like how I can group them and such. Is there a plug-in that allows when copying as text to work on more than one particular event, rather them all with all their under levels too?

  • My monitor can rotate it's screen. So, I'm good.

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  • I am using two screen on one of my systems. I could rotate the DESKTOP 90DEG to the left and tilt my head. <img src="smileys/smiley23.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> Now that I said it, I should do ti for giggles and take a snapshot. Wonder if I can still type on my laptop with my head tilted as such.

  • I think you misunderstood my suggestion - there's a option in my nvidia control panel that rotates the screen's content back, resulting in a 1080x1920 display, instead of the normal 1920x1080 with no head tilting necessary.

    But as others have said, using groups and subevents is very effective as well.

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