Dragon Ball (RPG) Project Recruiting

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  • Features:

    • An advanced action battle system, similar to seiken densetsu and the legend of zelda.
    • Dynamic Menu System
    • Combo system
    • Dodge enemies attacks depending on your speed
    • Beam struggles(as the famous Super Saiya-Jin Son Gohan Vs Perfect Cell)

    Playable Characters:

    • Son Goku
    • Kuririn
    • Yamucha
    • Teinshinhan
    • Bulma(During Cutscenes)
    • Chaoutzu

    Mapping Features:

    • Realistic sounds, birds chirping, the water, wind, etc. Depends on the environment.
    • Lighting/Shadow Effects
    • Particle effects for smoke, snow, rain, etc.
    • Animals walking around. It's not realistic for them not to be, it's just plain otherwise.


    What I need help with, with the game.

    • Programming
    • Pixel Artists
    • Level Designers
    • Composers

    I myself am a very good Pixel-Artist, it's actually my specialty.

  • Im going to say this because this is what I say to people who recruit(I have no problem with recruiting what so ever this is just a suggestion I give to people Who post topics like this So take no offense)

    Post some work along with your topic. Whether it be an incomplete/complete engine some graphics that you have done just something to say "I have an interest in this project and need help". I say this because we do get people that say "I have this great Idea but I cant code and I cant do graphics can some one do it for me." and that is great but we all started there and we all worked hard for our Ideas to come to fruition and you should too because there is nothing better than saying wow I made that and it is Awesome and you learned something while doing it.

    So that is just my two cents.

  • i myself have thought of making a dbz game, but as the other guy said, youre gonna have to post something saying your devoted to this project and that your ready to do 75% of the work (after all you cant do 20% and then take credit that it was youre game,or youre work )

    if youre a good pixel artist make some graphics and make a lil engine. then maybe someone might consider helping you out a bit.

    and dont make it an rpg, rpg's are way to over done, and way too long to make.

  • This sounds like a good project . I'd be willing to give a little help perhaps, if you post some samples of your work.

  • Are you from GW?

    I'd like to see more GW people to be interested in Construct. hehe

    Anyway, all I can say is samples speaks louder than text.

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  • This sounds like a good project . I'd be willing to give a little help perhaps, if you post some samples of your work.

    I'm just starting an engine right now. Any help with the "Textbox" area would be nice.

    Hero_Bash: I'm from GW, RPG Revolution, and many other forums.

    Edit: I did start a sprite over the weekend, woulda finished but right/idle sprites really are the hardest to the sprite itself. I've never had actual problems with animating them.

    <img src="http://i43.tinypic.com/2nhj3ax.png">

    The resolution is pretty much standard 320X240.

  • What do you mean by textbox? Displaying text, or the edit box?

  • Give the NPC's a meaningful existence

  • What do you mean by textbox? Displaying text, or the edit box?

    I don't think he means the objects. I think he means a he needs help with creating a narration textbox. It's pretty simple, all you really need is a box object and a text object that is binded to the box object. You can change the text of the text object dynamically.

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