downloading construct cvs [solved]

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  • i need to view the cvs offline. is there a quick method to do such? there is scrapbook plugin for firefox however 10 percent through its already 200mb and takes long time. not quiet sure what makes it that huge (the biggest site i dled had hundreds of gifs and still was only 300mb, so i thought the cvs was kinda oddly big). it does keep everything intact so you can compare old versions and changes, but im hoping for smaller quicker download?

  • try tortoise cvs....look at the tutorial for that, and also the source forge pages on cvs addresses and such

    this downloads the directory trees you request, so you have the actual visual studio source files on your pc...very fast and convenient

  • downloadnig the repository with scapebook seems fine. so can still view it in browser as it looks on the site. usually you just filter to get everything with url and forgot about it, but it seems theres some stuff on it that makes it bigger than norm so have to view capture links more actively.

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  • CVS systems store details of all revisions of every file in the project, so if you're using a website stripper to pull down a copy of the entire Construct CVS site, you may well be pulling down copies of every single revisions of every single file every uploaded to the CVS.

    If you have a 'main.c' or something that has been revised 50 times, the CVS system will hold the current version of the file along with details of all changes made since the original upload, in terms of additions and deletions. This is stored as series of 'commits', likely as diff files. The online viewer for the CVS has links to all revisions, which would include a dynamically generated version of the file at that revision. Those links get recognised by your site downloader and it will download all those old versions that you probably don't need.

    Do yourself a favour and follow lucid's advice - get a CVS program like tortoise, and download the source as a set of folders and not as an offline site dump.

  • but does that program have changes/updates highlighted and being able to compare old with new side by side as well as being able to see annotates from different devs? behaviors arent tha big only like 3 revisions most only 1. i took a peek in others and one is 67 revisions. c=. from looking at it i can see which ones i want and dont; however, scrapbook doesnt have option to string or OR a bunch of different keywords.

    i did dl that program btw it seems to want me to log in or sign up for some account from some site. to be honest i get sick of having to learn a new program every day... and each of them seem to be vital for its niche task

    thx guys

  • downloading through a proper cvs client for view in visual studio is so much more useful than viewing it in site form

    since every time you see a reference to a SDK type you don't know, or a function you'd like to understand better, you can right click and "go to definition"

  • uninstalled vc05/08 a while ago. would other programs be ok.

  • No, Construct only compiles under Visual Studio.

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