Don't specifically need it but wondering; voice recognition?

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  • Okay this is a little out there but I'm curious what the likelihood of voice recognition being supported in Construct? I'm under the impression that it's a difficult task to undertake, and currently I'm not entirely sure how it would be taken on, but I'm just wondering if it's possible... eventually. Seems like an interesting feature showing up in a few games as of late that other, lesser game makers don't have.

  • There might be a library that can be quickly put in to a plugin, but I thought you had to pay for decent voice recognition software? It's a fairly niche thing so I'm not personally interested in doing it right now, but with our plugin SDK any other developer could have a go.

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  • Microphone support is one thing, but effective voice recognition is a complex thing; all software that has it needs some training and setup time to work properly, I don't really understand why anyone would want it except to make such software .

  • Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 is actually quite good, and has very little setup time. However, the fact that it took until version 10 to get to the 'quite good' area should tell you something about how hard is to make. Development started in 1980, and the first commercial version showed up in 1990 for $9000, then version 1.0 of 'naturally speaking' in 1997. It took a LONG time to make. Admittedly, they were starting from basically scratch, but still.

    There is another program that uses the DNS10 engine, showing that it can be 'plugged in' to something else, but it's somewhat expensive, and I doubt it's an easy task.

    The point of this post - it's kind of unrealistic with the current state of tech.

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