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  • Is it possible we could get the option to disable layer rotation on specific layers? For example, you can stop a layer from scrolling and you can stop it's zoom from changing when using "Set zoom", but you can't keep it from rotating when using "Set display angle". This really throws a wrench in things when you have a HUD and you don't want it to rotate with everything else.

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  • Why don't you just rotate every layer except the one you don't want to rotate? Or rotate the layer you don't want to rotate the same angle opposite to the display angle, so it cancels out the difference? I don't see why you need a feature to disable layer rotation specifically.

  • Because not having this feature complicates my plugin. The best way I can see now would be for the user to create an exceptions list for layers they don't want rotated. Then I would have to loop through all the layers that aren't in the exceptions list and change their rotations.

    Not too terribly hard, but it still seems like there should be an option to disable rotation on certain layers.

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