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  • Hey guys!

    Wow, this is an amazing game creator. I have used the various version of ClickTeam's game creation tools from the early days of Klik'n'Play to MMF, but this tool seems to supersede them all.

    It would be fantastic if it were possible to import *.x files with animation and texture support (i.e. adjustable by events/scripts).

    Keep up the great work guys!

  • <removed>

  • That was kinda harsh Data... Don't you want this forum and userbase to grow? Pretty immature man... And lets be honest, the search function here isn't 100% awesome, try doing a search on "DirectX "X" and see how many matches you get.

    Aside from that, welcome to the forums Kruncher, not everyone here reacts in the above manner, don't let that discourage you from posting in the future.


  • <Edited since Data removed his > Cheers!!!

    ere possible to import *.x files with animation and texture support

    Unfortunately, I doubt this is going to happen anytime soon (like 2+ years if ever). Thanks for posting and asking though!

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  • It's higly unlikely to ever happen to be honest, atleast in my little mind.

    But to data's answer I didn't find it so harsh or so but maybe it's because im a seagull... Meh

    Anyways welcome and so on

  • I didn't find it so harsh or so but maybe it's because im a seagull

    lol...seagulls are pretty vicious. It wasn't that I found it necessarily harsh either it was more so that this dude is asking for a feature and data tells him to use the freaking search because that feature doesn't exist. That's kinda like me saying, "I'd love it Construct had a plugin to do speech recognition" and you respond back saying, "USE the FREAKING search... Construct does NOT support speech recognition".

    Let's not jump on people that are asking for legitimate features (even if they are difficult or far fetched) and save the pounding for the Noobs that ask questions like, "I haven't bothered to try out Ghost Shooter.. but I really want you to answer all my noob questions".

  • Hmm thats very true err I mean both parts that I'm vicious and that the search thing was a not needed but anyways lets forget this!

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