Customizable Bounding Boxes?

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  • I was wondering if this is already implemented in Construct, or if it could be a possible future feature.

    By customizable, I just mean being able to change the shape and size to suit whatever needs you have for your particular game. It would be very helpful for top-down games but I imagine just about any project could benefit from it.

    Maybe... when you open up an image in the editor there could be an option to draw a bounding box around the sprite?

    If there are better or just-as-good solutions then feel free to smack me for making pointless requests...

  • I think customising collision masks is on the to-do list, but I don't think it'll be done for pre-1.0. On the other hand, a very simple and effective workaround is to simply use an invisible sprite with your custom collision mask drawn, always set it to the parent object's position, and test collisions with that instead. If you put the two objects in a container, the object picking in events even works exactly as before.

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  • Thank you, Ashley. That sounds like a much better solution than what I've been trying to do.

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