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  • I've been working on a behaviour called 'Custom Movement' which is designed to make creating custom movements a lot easier. Its designed so at a simple level you can manually change the speed, horizontal speed, vertical speed, direction of motion, rotation speed of direction, etc (either set, add, accelerate, or decelerate). There's also some useful actions to apply friction, push object out of obstacles, and options for how it moves (jump to new position, move horizontally then vertically, step each pixel, etc). Of course you will be able to disable the moving entirely, and simply use the movement for calculating speed with acceleration and stuff. when I get back from work i'll post a list of actions/conditions/expression for this object and you guys can make any suggestions if its missing anything

  • Sounds quite useful!

    By disabling the movement, would that effectively be 'pausing' the movement until it is enabled? (such as when you open a menu and the game pauses behind it)

  • sounds neat.

  • yeah, although you can just as effectively pause by using a layout object and setting it as modal.

  • Preemptive wish comment.


  • Curves will be a separate 'path' movement...I cant really think of how to incorporate it into this one

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  • I think this will be a really good addition to Construct. Somehow I think people will use this more than they need to. I think people will just assume they need to use custom movement if it's not immediately obvious how to achieve what they want with one of the other movements.

    Oh well, I guess it doesn't really matter which one they use.

  • Awesome! I figure I could achieve anything I wanted with the described abilities.

    Don't forget Z-level changes while moving! With it one could create quasi-3D movement.

  • What build will this new movement be in .99 or .98.6 or 1.0? I cant think of anything else to add cant wait to see it!

  • Perhaps in the next build if I'm not lazy heh

  • David: And when we are going to see that pairer plugin :D? And curve behavior?

  • Perhaps in the next build if I'm not lazy heh

    I don't think you'll get a lot of people calling you lazy on this forum.

    In fact ... could you take out the trash for me? (My wife has been really hounding me.)

  • sounds uber

  • This sounds really interesting. Sadly I don't think I can preempt any shortcomings without say, trying to implement it. It'd be nice to get some of the advantages of behavior with a custom movement engine though!

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