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  • Glad construct's back. A couple bugs, tho - after inserting a sprite, I can't edit it via double-clicking or clicking edit in the properties. There seems to be no way to import an animation at this point.

    Second, there seems to be no way to get information from an object either. When trying sprite - compare angle, where the list of objects used to be is now blank.

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  • Animations are now done in the Animator bar which by default is tabbed on the right. So double clicking won't bring up an editor - you just select it and the animator bar shows its animations.

    We should have 0.81 out soon which fixes a few bugs, and the object panel for getting object expressions should be back in a later version.

  • Ah. Bug there too - when clicking 'animation bar' in home it brings up the resource bar.

  • I found a bug with physics, important bug. Let's say you have a box made up of inmovable physics object, an hollow box, and inside this box there are physics objects. If you apply a lot of force outside the box the objects will ignore the walls and pass anyway.

  • The physics engine isn't infallible - if you put insanely huge forces on small objects of a low mass, you are probably getting close to unrealistic physics conditions: in real life, doing that would break the objects, but since it deals with rigid bodies, the simulation may not be accurate. You could try playing with the world X and Y scales to see if that helps (changing the scale may allow higher resolution collisions), but as a general rule of thumb with physics: keep it realistic!

  • Just a suggestion : when 2 rigid bodies are overlapping (one on each other) in a platform environment, could you add a checkbox to select if the engine should apply forces to split them?

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