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  • I would like to see the following:

    Construct counting all actions you do and warning you after reaching a set amount.

    This way I get reminded to make a backup, in case the project-file gets corrupt and I have to redo everything I did between the last saved file and the newly corrupted file (not that it happens often, only once and couldn't reproduce the error).

    When implemented, this option can be turned off, by default.

    Hmm... my English... What I mean to say is: by default, the developers can choose to set this option turned off, by default (so that you don't get bothered with pop-up windows).

    For example: having set the action-limit to 50. When Construct notices I did my 50st action, it tells me. Now I can save the project under another filename, so that I back up frequently.

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  • What about autosave? It's already implemented, and can save your work automatically every, say, 15 minutes.

    There's no point implementing an action counter. It's useless if your work is level designing, drawing artwork, rearranging/commenting/reorganising events, etc.

  • I will use the autosave, thanks.

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