Could we have a copy of the setup executable sans DirectX9?

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  • Trying to get Construct to install under WINE, it screws up every time the DirectX9 web installer starts up - that crashes.

  • But it won't work without it, you need an up-to-date DirectX installation. Perhaps report it as a WINE bug, it's necessary and if WINE isn't up to the job, it shouldn't be down to us to fix it.

  • I have DirectX 9 set up under WINE already; DirectX itself isn't the problem. The problem is with the web installer included with Construct's setup program.

  • If I start distributing a copy of the installer without DirectX, I can imagine inevitably some Windows users downloading it and complaining that it doesn't work.

    I think you should take this to WINE, it's a bug in their program.

  • Silly question: Did you try clicking cancel so it doesn't try to install DirectX?

    I know, I know you probably don't even get that far before the crash. But I just thought I'd make sure.

    Ash, maybe the installer could have check boxes that allow you to choose not to install DirectX and/or the VS libraries while making it abundantly clear that they are required for Construct to run. Maybe you would have to click on "Advanced" or "Custom Install" to even see these check boxes.

  • Actually, by the time it launches the DirectX installer, everything else should have been installed anyway. Even if it crashes at that point, you should be able to browse to the directory you specified and find a working Construct install.

    I really don't want to add a checkbox to disable the DirectX installer. A lot of people assume they have an up-to-date DirectX installation just because they have 9.0c because they don't know Microsoft periodically release updates which don't change the version number. I think some people would inevitably untick the option if it were there anyway, and complain when it doesn't work. And the last thing I want to do is have that problem just because WINE is broken.

  • Okay, fair enough. I threw in my two cents.

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  • The DirectX9 web installer didn't work for me either, but then I just hit cancel and finished the installation of Construct anyways, then went and downloaded the latest set of the end-user runtimes (or whatever they're called), installed those manually, and everything was working fine.

    EDIT: Oh! And I use Vista, and the particular web installer with the Construct setup wasn't the problem for me, tried downloading one directly from Microsoft and it didn't work either, so I might've had a different issue.

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