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  • Hi all, I am currently building a game or two in construct 2 and things are going well but i want to release one of these games to as many people as possible, as C2 doesnt have the capability yet to create exe files i was thinking of using Construct Classic as well.

    What i was wondering is how easy (or hard) is it to convert a game from C2 to classic? I am using the paid version of C2 in case that matters...

    Any help/info would be great.

  • If your goal is to reach as many people as possible, C2 will actually do that better with HTML5.

    HTML5 games can be played on Windows, Mac, Linux, even some mobile devices... Construct Classic games only work on Windows, so you exclude Mac, Linux and mobile devices completely. So I think you'll actually reach fewer people using CC!

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  • I am very happy with the html5 aspect of the software, i am hoping to create two versions of the game a free online only version and then a paid offline version with a few extra features. My main problem though is getting the html5 version in an easy to use html5 version that i can sell digitally online.

  • you can make zip the file with a pasword or something but still an offline version on html5 would require a local server in order to work properly. you can try to look for some local server like wamp or z-wamp wich is lighter.

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