Control inverse controls and bunny hopping in event editor

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  • The platform behavior only allows you to enable or disable "inverse controls" or "bunny hopping" through the properties window in the IDE.

    There is not an option switch either of the two settings on or off through the event editor, at runtime.

    This is important, mainly for inverse controls because when you switch the gravity direction to up, left becomes right and vice versa. Being able to add an event than turns inverse controls "on" would make it so when you reverse gravity, left still makes the player go to the left and right still goes right.

    But in general, having more control over a movement is a good thing. And as it stands, you can alter all of the other platform behavior properties at runtime (through events) except "inverse controls" and "bunny hopping." I think this needs to be fixed.

  • Why bunny hopping though? i can see inverse controls but what is the use for bunny hopping?

  • This is the case for loads of different objects and behaviours. I think in general, if you can set it by initially, you should be able to change it at runtime.

    Most recent examples that have annoyed me: physics contact friction, particles fade colour.

    I think all of these, even if you cant think of a use for it off the top of your head, are worth adding to just add more possibilities to projects made in construct.

    After all, ideally construct needs to have as few limits on what it can produce as possible, and I've sometimes felt limited by not being able to change properties like these at runtime, because if you're going to use these behaviours or whatever you can't really work around it.

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  • Why bunny hopping though? i can see inverse controls but what is the use for bunny hopping?

    Being able to toggle it on and off as a preference under a game's options screen could be one thing, or maybe even if someone wanted to include it as a power up. But I just say add it for the principal of things. Especially since I've read posts by Ashley considering adding another option for double jump and some other things. These all need to be togglable in real time IMHO, just to give the player the option of using it or not in game, or even using it later in the game (i.e. via a power up) rather than the current options which are to have it there permanently all the time or not have it at all.

  • I agree; all properties should be modifiable at runtime if possible. I'll see if we can do this quickly for the next build, otherwise hopefully the one after that.

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