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  • fine, it's gone.

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  • Although I like your enthusiasm, I fail to see the point of this thread.

    Basically any 2D game you can think of is possible to do in Construct. Period.

  • Although I like your enthusiasm, I fail to see the point of this thread.

    Basically any 2D game you can think of is possible to do in Construct. Period.

    Well imagine someone comes along wanting to make a game like say.. Paperboy, or know of elements in an old game they'd like to do, but don't know where to start. They do a search. The name comes up and they're directed to the first post. At a glance they can see if it's possible, and how difficult it is, along with brief notes about making such a thing, and assuming someone's posted about it, a link to that post further into the thread. From there they have a better idea of the direction they're heading, so future posts about X or Y problem or trick will be easier to follow.

    Besides, it's one thing to say anything is possible, it's entirely another to actually do it. Anything can be made with notepad and a C++ compiler. But you can't just sit down and make it without a jumping off point to start from.

  • I feel that everyone is holding out until stable 1.0 before committing to serious projects like this. But yeah, if it is in 2D, it can be done in Construct - theoretically, at least.

  • [quote:1vvny9mb]GTA (first one)


    Platform = PC/Console

    Possible = Yes

    Difficulty = Very Difficult

    Notes = From my understanding, it could be done, but it would not be that easy.

    It's not very difficult really.



    Platform = Arcade

    Possible = Yes, standard sideways scrolling game

    Difficulty = Medium

    Notes = Please include information here if you know if the R-Type ball weapon is possible, or those segmented enemies, including the tail of the first boss are also possible in construct

    seriously? the ball weapon? that's super easy to do. Segmented enemies are also very possible, my brother quazi has done one in his game/example ev0lution, search for it.

    [quote:1vvny9mb]Are things like resources, building units, heck even 'zerging' the opponent, possible?

    are you kidding me?

    This thread can be simplified to... if it's 2d, it's doable, just put in the work.

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  • <<<< yes we can

    rts games and isometric ones will undoubtedly be the hardest. the more indirect the control the harder.

    any 2d game is possible, be it pong to world of goo, you can do it if you know how, using only events.

  • Pseudo-3d games are also quite possible.

    Construct is an instrument, not sphere of action. It's all up to you.

  • fine, it's gone.


  • Whether or not an idea is a good one I don't like to see people editing away the original post, and now none of the thread makes sense to a new reader so the thread may as well be deleted. Even ideas which don't work are still worth keeping around sometimes.

    I think I'll lock this on that basis (I try not to completely delete threads unless I have to).

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