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  • Last time there was a Construct article on Wikipedia, it got deleted, either for being non-notable or not having any references (I can't remember). Anyways, I thought the time was ready to try again, so I've written a stub-article on Wikipedia with references. Feel free to expand this as you see fit (I'm not an expert on wikipedia's categories/rules etc):

    Construct on Wikipedia

  • The article does read somewhat like an advert, and has no links establishing Construct's popularity or notability.. therefore it's doomed to deletion.

    It needs independent links from high ranking software websites, such as reviews or mentions.

  • Darn, well it's marked for speedy deletion, and I tried to edit it a bit. Obviously I'm in a biased position. Maybe someone could rewrite it more encyclopaedically. I pointed out in the talk page other commercial software (like MMF, GameMaker, and also the free AGS) have pages, and some of them aren't really referenced at all... meh.

  • maybe add a 'list of games created using Construct' section. i'd also take as an example

  • Notability criteria means you either establish notability or the article concerns something which passes a threshold in a google search - done case by case. If something is obviously very popular or established it's clear from the google results.

  • It looks like it's no longer marked for speedy deletion. Maybe they'll allow it to stay.

  • Temporary good news. Maybe someone will still try to delete it via the long-way-round articles proposed for deletion, but I'm hoping it will stay now

  • I wouldn't worry about it too much. Even if this article gets deleted another will eventually show up.

    Besides now is not really the time for Wikipedia, as mentioned before, this may be seen as advertisement, and construct is still in beta. Also you dont want the Wikipedia to get better search results than the project, especially since any Tom, Dick, and Harry can edit it.

    So, relax..."Hammocks", Construct is going to be so huge, that one day you will wish it was still in beta.

  • Yeah, it matters not if it's deleted now. We have some references on fairly big websites already, but I guess crossing the line to true notability may include reviews from professional websites, polished finished games on develop websites, etc.

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  • Does the number of hits the page gets affect whether or not it gets deleted?

    Well either way now they know about 0.98.5.

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