Construct can be in a webpage like flash or java!

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  • Ok kiddies , yes i too cursed the gods for possibly having to port my game from construct to flash java or any of that mess .... till :drumroll:

    OSAKit makes it easy to put your compiled projects on the web. Without having to change any code, you can embed your game or application into a web browser and have it playing on Windows PC's, running in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Sea monkey and more.

    Release your game on the desktop and via the browser. Increase the impact in terms of distribution and exposure for your game on the Net! Allow potential buyers to really try before they buy. OSA Kit is an ActiveX control which helps you pass to it your game URL and forget all about it. OSA Kit will do all the dirty work for you. The ActiveX control will run the game inside the users browser just as if it were originally developed using Java or Flash! (edit: see last post in thread)

    this opens new doors


    ~Mr Sublimezen~

  • Is there anyway they can just save it from a cache or something? That wouldn't be desirable.

  • Also, your only 3 posts are about this. Very suspicious. I would recommend no one just download this. Do some research to see if it is safe.

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  • Hmm...once again i am skeptical of users whose posts are all advertisements for a website. It sounds a little too good to be true.

  • i tried this a long time ago and it does work!

    that was about a year ago

    and it worked in a web browser!

    i would be skeptical too but i already tried it

    on the website of 3D engine "3Drad" they use the same software for some demo's

    so i think osakit is safe and it worked for me!

  • yes my 1st few post are about giving something useful to the community

    soon i'll be posting other stuffs like tuts and what have yas

    but i was so jazzed about finding this i thought it was a reason to share

    sure do your home work about it and no i don't work for the company or neither do i get paid

    this is just really cool

  • ActiveX tends to be the dealbreaker for quite many, though. It's like opening a can of security worms.

  • Firefox and other non-IE browsers can't run ActiveX controls, only Netscape-style plugins, because ActiveX is a proprietary Microsoft technology. Given that the site claims the ActiveX control runs on non-IE browsers which is impossible, I find this very dubious, especially given the technical difficulty and security implications of being able to run arbitrary EXE files on a user's computer via the browser. Basically, even if it was possible, it'd be a gigantic security hole to let your computer get hacked... so in short, locked!

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