Construct vs. advanced RPG

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  • Welcome! Is the environment Construct, allows me to create advanced RPG game with complex engine? I'am Game Maker user and I consider about start using Construct. What do you think about my idea?

  • You can, but it's quite a task. Making an RPG is an utterly ridiculous amount of work. Not impossible at all, but difficult.

    I'm making one myself, so my advice is: don't make your complex dream RPG first. Especially if this is your first attempt at one! Make a small, simplified prototype RPG for fun and to learn how to do it right. Otherwise by simply leaping in you'll probably make huge design errors that take longer to work with and would take even longer to fix.

    You should definitely learn how to use construct well before trying to make a complex RPG. Especially learn how to properly use families!

  • Not that Construct cant do RPG games, but you might want to google RPG Toolkit. I used to use the program years and years ago. Always pick the right tool for the job

  • What if he want's to make a platformer rpg like Cave Story? you cannot do that in rpg toolkit and besides, with construct you are not forced to install the rpgmaker binaries to play, in Construct you could just make it standalone without needing anything else and you can do much more in Construct then using a program that limits you on one genre.

  • But less limits always means more work. If you have programmed or at least scripted before, an advanced RPG might be a doable task (if you are persistent enough to work 3-5 years 8 hours a day on that one project), but without a good foundation I hardly doubt such an RPG will ever come to life. Especially the database management you would need to develop from ground up and a lot of math formulas for various aspects like ranged attacks, enemy ai and the like would be a huge challenge if you are used to click-create your game.

    I would love to see an advanced RPG done in Construct! And it is doable. But I don't think one should say: "Go ahead. Construct is your solution." It is more honest to say: "IF you have some experiences with programming and IF you have the time to stick to it and IF you can solve a lot of issues by yourself, then it MIGHT be doable in Construct."

    And I really love Construct

  • I love Construct too, but there's always stuff like RPG maker (for traditional RPGs) and the language that uses (Ruby) is honestly not all that difficult to figure out (plus all the open-source codes out there that you can literally copy-paste into your stuff).

    If you just want to jump right into it, I'd suggest using programs like that instead, but however, like everyone here has been saying, it CAN be done in Construct, but it's a daunting and difficult task. That's why all of my construct projects have essentially been 2D platformers- because those are, for all intents and purposes, simple.

    Simplicity is key- no one knows how to do everything they want with their program of choice when they start out.

    like tulamide said, it certainly CAN be done, but if you're just starting out or want the process sped up, there are other options (like RPG toolmaker and RPG maker, etc).

  • I must disagree a bit on this.

    There are various RPGs and their level of complexivity(thats it? is that the word?) is just very diffrent.

    Making a simple RPG just forces you to use the array object (which you would propably use anyway) and lots of formulas. But hey, no one forces you to make a RPG of Morrowin or Oblivion caliber, right? Compare Diablo and Baldurs Gate or Morrowind. All three can be called RPGs, but making a game that mimics them will vary in needed time and work very much.

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  • In my honest oppinion, I like making RPGs on Construct. Especially when dealing with NPC AI. We did a simple RPG with a "The Sims" like AI on all NPCs which was neat during our graduation thesis. So yeah. The only thing that's hard to do are the rest. But then again, I guess doing the AI is hard work also.

  • A JRPG would be easier than a TaticalRPG in Construct, especially a agme like Disgaea. If I could find a Tactical RPG (RPGMaker sucks for it) like DIsgaea, I'd be on that so fast, the world would spin twice as fast.

  • A JRPG would be easier than a TaticalRPG in Construct, especially a agme like Disgaea. If I could find a Tactical RPG (RPGMaker sucks for it) like DIsgaea, I'd be on that so fast, the world would spin twice as fast.

    What about Final Fantasy Tactics? Havent played Disagea

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