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  • Could I make an advertising vid for construct, clips from games made with it and presenting its features and stuff..


    I just downloaded every available files in Uploads and in Creations.. Making a vid, I will somehow put clips of all those stuff. Is this alright?

  • [quote:gubxdoum]I just downloaded every available files in Uploads and in Creations.. Making a vid, I will somehow put clips of all those stuff. Is this alright?

    ITS GREAT!!!!

    just be sure to mention the usernames of each person who made each cap/exe during the video

  • I'd recommend sticking to the more showy stuff. There's a lot of examples out there that are good from a programming perspective, but wouldn't necessarily look all that great on video because they use plain colored squares or whatever.

  • there also things that are both deadeye

  • Go for it, there are also some nice looking things in the demos section.

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  • post this picture before my game

    <img src="">

    if u want i can send u the latest cap of my game also, you can turnaround this time

    its clipped heres a direct link ... ground.png

  • I'll try my best.. this would take a while though

  • You could PM Drasa and see if he would make some original music for you... he's pretty good. He made some stuff for Chamber for us... if it's ok with him you can even use some of that music if you want. I have it around here somewhere.


  • Yes.. I was thinking about what music too use too.

    I'm having trouble with video capturing though it ends up choppy and no really smooth.. any suggesstions?

  • I haven't tried it myself, but I've heard FRAPS is good for DirectX video capture, which would suit Construct.

  • Fraps is probably the best bet, but be aware it won't record the IDE if you want to record that too.

  • if youre going to use fraps this is important, how fast is your computers cpu?

    when recording at 60fps in a pretty intensive game it WILL bog down a slow computer. my cpu is a dual 1.8 and it cant run many physics collisions while recording at 60fps half size in blobber. i think Sol would probably be the best person to use for recording the cpu intensive games judging by his rig .

    and you can record inside the layout editor, its just a bit strange because of the way the its rendered.

  • I only got 1gb of ram.. Yea, it would be cool if others could record the games to clips - but that would make the point of me making the vid useless - at least I would be the one to arrange it though..

  • Give fraps a shot anyway, you don't know it doesn't work until you try it. Besides I would've thought the main bottleneck is the hard drive write speed since it generates so much data.

  • its written to the drive, but the main bottleneck is cpu speed, since it only seems to lag for me when recording things which use alot of CPU. like physics. if i record my game without physics going on theres no lag, once the physics turns up things get choppy

    i doubt ram or write speed will be the problem.

    try it out tho, it works wonderfully

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