Construct turns 3 today!

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  • Today is the 3rd birthday of Construct! We released the first public, open source version 0.8 on 27th October 2007. We've come on a long way

    Fun stats:

    64 total separate releases (about 1.7 releases a month)

    236,667 total downloads to date at time of writing

    2.8 TB total bandwidth of downloads

    Construct 0.8 was downloaded 54 times in its first month of release

    We're not going anywhere just yet so here's to another 3 birthdays

    Also, Davo made a picture of a slightly weird looking halloween cake to celebrate, help yourself to a slice :

    <img src="">

  • Happy Birthday Construct!

    Damn, that cake looks delicious

    I wish for more birthdays to come. Also thank you for everyone supporting and making construct really cool.

  • [quote:3kb1o9s0]Also, Davo made a picture of a slightly weird looking halloween cake to celebrate, help yourself to a slice :

    Looks like someone already did.

    Grats guys you are the best!

  • Happy birthday construct!!! It's wierd, it feels like construct has been around forever, but i guess when i switched from MMF to construct, i just forgot about the many years of klick-products, so i guess that's messing with my sense of time.

    It's wierd that when it comes to programs, the big brother is always the last born.

  • Happy birthday !

  • I almost read the title as "Construct 3" initially, lol. Happy birthday! I remember finding this way early (I think I was the 20th member on the forums) and my reaction of "WHOA AWESOME!" Construct is already basically the game creator I've been wanting my whole life, and C2 will be even better! Thanks devs for making it!

    Huzzah to almost reaching 1.0! Onwards to Construct 2!

  • help yourself to a slice

    <img src="">

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  • Awesome. Like Arima said, Construct is the ideal game creator (and programming tool) I've been searching for. The first time I stumbled onto the website I looked at the rainy ghost shooter and RTS tech demos and though to myself, "No way this has the ease of use of mmf2.". I was wrong. And that cake looks delicious. Purple chocolate cake with lime icing. Ash, Davo, (and Rich) you have changed the world for the better.

  • Wow, it has already been 3 years. From a blog post I know that it was about the 29th Oct 2007 when I first laid hands on Construct. And boy has it improved since!

    Happy Birthday to Construct! And can't wait for 1.0...

  • Congrats, and many thanks for the continuing hard work that is put into creating this 'Mother of all' Game Creation tools.

    Happy B'day

  • Happy Birthday!

    I'm with Construct just a little over a year, but it feels like it was there forever. Your baby has grown a lot and with it the community. And I still think, it's the community that makes Construct so special. I never had a question unanswered, I answered every question I could, the comm shares thoughts and techniques, pushes themselfs more and more with fantastic results (just think about all those plugins and effects, and the wonderful games and tech-demos) and really care about this 3-year old baby.

    You've done a good work, and I really hope you can stick to the enthusiasm that brought it all to life.

    *put on silver-glitter-suit and dance through the streets*

  • Happy birthday !

    <img src="">

  • HOP PEA BURTH THEY CONSTRUCT!!! I've started to use constuct since last year. It's features were best considering it had the tools I needed for my thesis project and boy did it save us LOL! Thanks for the devs for making this!! If it wasn't for you, I could have used RPG Maker instead lol.

  • Happy birthday!


  • Happy birthday! <img src="">

    I remember some 3 years ago when I was still hanging around TDC, a couple of posts about some MMF lookalike named Construct. I gave it a glance and disregarded it

    Here's to the next three years! *Clinks soda-glass against screen*


    Oh shi-

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