Can Construct do spreadsheet (like Civ) games?

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  • I have checked out the tutorials and construct is simply the best looking app for developing platformers.

    However, the game i want to try my hand on will be a Civ kind of spreadsheet game. a mashup of castle sim with a bit of turn based diplomacy thrown in. Basically a game relying on lots of number crunching. Something I think I will be able to do with my limited art resources. But I doubt that it will be using much of the event system.

    Has any such simple game been done on construct? will construct natively be easy to work with for a complete starter, or will I be better off with an engine based on python/lua with some db access?

    Any advises are welcome.

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  • If there's lot of text input and processing, lots of text displaying and simple button clicking, I'd say go with something else. If you know a programming language, that is.

    If there's any animation going on, then Construct.

  • I think Construct is the best for arcade games, but you can create games of all other genres with some tricks. Yes, sometimes you should code a lot but it's easier for me than to do it with 'grand' programming languages (actually I suck on those languages and have no choise).

    Construct is intuitive at maximum and that's the best feature.

    Also I'm not a pro at Construct, so it's just opinion based on my experience.

  • if you would focus on the hash-array-ini part of construct you surely can pull it off

    you can make something fairly quick , a form object that sends commands and save text to file

    object with array container, so like little graphics with array information attached and it great for making the GUI part of the game too

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