Construct Scirra 1.00 ???

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  • Hey Guys,

    I'm waiting for a stable release of Construct Scirra. There is any rumor

    or any news about that?

  • wait a second.. i'm just putting some finishing touches

  • *facepalm*

  • There is a possible way to get Construct 1.0 faster. Just give the developers a lot and lot of money and say they should finally finish Construct 1.

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  • Yeah, funny answers,

    however I was only asking for a plan or similar.

    I'm using 0.99.84 but seem to have some problem changing layers.

    There is a version like 0.99.85 or other in the horizon? Not necessary

    a stable release.

  • I believe the developers of construct are still students, so this time of year is probably quite busy for them (exams, essays, etc.). Still, more than two months between releases is quite long.

    I feel your frustration too - I'm trying to evaluate it to install on the network at my workplace (a college), but the lack of a v1.0 (or even a new stable release) is going to make it pretty difficult to convince the techs to install it.

    You'll just have to be patient and cross your fingers like the rest of us. Sucks, I know.

  • I can perfectly understand. I'm also a student. I'll wait patiently.

    What I'm hoping is a another unstable version. I'm not frustated

    about the problem (1.00 version maybe is far), only about certain answer.

    I don't pretend anything. I only did a question

  • just wait.

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