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  • RTP was the term used for the resources required by RPG Maker. If you haven't figured this topic out by now, I'm suggesting a package of royalty-free graphics and sounds be included for use in Construct. Obviously, it would be optional, and I volunteer to help with the project by supplying whatever sprites I make in my own project.

    Anyone else like the idea of a "Construct Graphics Package" or "Construct Optional Resources"?

  • Really, the number of different uses there is for Construct would negate the usefulness of this sort of thing. It'd be a good idea, but you'd need to include far too many different types of graphics for it to be feasible.

    Plus, not having something like this pretty much prevents the 'RTP Games' from popping up (ie those ones where everyone takes one look at the standard graphics and starts whining about it).

  • A down side is that then we'll see many games all with the same graphics.

  • Plus, as far as i know, the people targeted by construct are the creative people. Those that hate to code, but love to make sprites.

    Hahaha, now that leaves me out.

    But yes, at the end, there will be more need for code snippets, then for a sprite library.

  • I personaly hate the graphics and sounds included in MMF2. Especcially the graphics! And whenever someone made a game using them it was allways voted down because of that, so i'm not the only one. The sounds where actually quite usefull, so a sound library would actually be nice since sounds are hard to make by yourself! Maybe we could just make a sticky sprite thread where everyone can post their sprites and build a graphics library in that way?

  • The Spriters Resource has a an abundance of sprites if people want to use someone else's graphics.

  • i personally like the idea. game engine like Ogre offer art pack.

    i know it remove some originality to the game but for making quick concept i would use it.

  • No Included Graphics in my Construct! Or maybe an additional package on site would be good but not originally included, by the way i thought scirra is a programmers team.

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  • I think it would be nice to have and it could be a separate download. It could help with making things like sample tutorials and for rapid prototyping. I wouldn't consider this a high priority thing compared to actual changes to Construct's code. But I think it would be nice to have, sort of like Python's idea of "batteries included."

  • I think distributing a graphics library is a good idea for beginners and helping people to learn how to make games. Nobody is forced to use a graphics library if one is provided, so the rest of us can safely ignore it A sound library would be especially useful, since good sound effects are hard to come by. But that's exactly the problem, good decent sound effects that I'm allowed to redistribute, as well as graphics, are hard work to find. If somebody knows a good pack that would be suitable, let me know...

  • Great free sound site.

    I've found alot of good stuff here.

  • i'd be in favour of a resource pack, i often think of ideas for interesting things but i never get around to implementing them because i'm missing other components that make up entire games lol

    dhondon: awesome website, i've only listened to one of them (human>indoor crowd) but just from listening to it, i imagine in my head how much livelier a game would be!

  • Or we could have a section of the forums which hosts images or code for use in Construct projects and Construct can have a built-in browser/search for them which downloads them right into peoples projects. This would allow people to add/update their own graphics to the collection without a need for a new release of the graphics pack. Of course, this would also take Ashley alot of work and server bandwidth to setup.

  • I agree that is an awesome site dhondon, thanks for sharing That should make a good source for the resource pack. The resource pack should also include where the original resources came from so users can find additional resources more quickly on their own.

  • Soundsnap is a great site, thanks for the link! I'll see if at some point I can get in touch with them and sort out a sound library to ship with Construct.

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