Use construct to "construct" a Rumble Fish clone?

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  • Hello! First big thank you to Ashley for directing me here ...Had a quick question about the construct engine. Well there is a 2d fighting game called "The�Rumble�Fish"��

    It uses a graphics engine that seems to have each individual limb animated separately. I wanted to mimic this, creating a 2d fighting game with construct. could construct be able to help me achieve this? What would have to be added to the engine? Oh here's a excerpt about the game that can possibly describe better about the characters/graphics.


    "As I mentioned before, the original�Rumble�Fish�is already availible for the system. The�Rumble�Fish�appeared as an original 2D fighting game for Sammy's arcade Atomiswave platform early last year. It features a unique graphics engine that animates characters by their body joints dubbed the S.M.A Smooth Model Animation Syste. It enables varied graphic changes depending on the situation such as tearing clothes and falling hats. The system also allows backgrounds and graphics to vary to suit battle conditions. Because of this System, this 2D fighting game boasts graphics that allow smooth movement equivalent to that of 3D fighting games. Basically, the best of both worlds, IMO."�

  • I really expected fish to be honest

    I'm working on an engine that does this type of thing and a little more. smoothly bending joints that can have multiple images per joint, and multiple frames per image, which can be bent and distorted along curves, and can smoothly blend between any two animations with no extra animating required. or have a users custom design graphic tattooed on a characters arm, and be animated as if it were there to begin with, or the aforementioned tearing clothes and falling hats, character facial expressions independent of other animation going on...etc etc etc

    there's a number of other features I'm planning, but I'm starting work on a video that showcases most of the major features very soon, so I'll save that stuff for that post when it comes. it's planned to be a commercial editor and plugin for both c1 and c2. it's pretty far along now, but the only videos I have uploaded were from a much earlier prealpha build where barely anything was implemented, but here ya go:

  • its possible but highly complex, bone animation will probably be your best bet as a novice user, it gets extremely complicated if you try building your own animation engine like lucid is doing and has been for quite a while, or like i have tried in the past.

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  • oh yeah..what quazi said. personally, I find the built in bone animation behavior to be very awkward to use, but I wasn't suggesting you try and make a full animator like the one I'm working on. I was saying that when it's released it will be a way to achieve that type of animation. that's a ways off though, so yeah, probably regular bone animation would be fun to mess around with, and maybe you'll have better luck with it than I did

  • The thing is the bones plug wasn't designed to make changing animation frames during mid-keyframe easy. Timing, hotspots, dimensions, etc, can be a pain to set right.

  • but youll get the same problems and run into a 100 more making your own animation system.

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