Because the Construct not have it?

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  • I think the Construct should have a plugin to have support for ActiveX controls that kind of MMF2 and Visual Basic. So increase the functionality of the Construct.

    And I also think the Construct should have a support SDL and OpenGL

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  • I agree. And i also would like it to run on my cellphone so i can make games in scool classes. And it would be cool if it supported MS-DOS.

    An ActiveX plugin haven't been requested THAT many times though.. so i guess i should be nice.

  • opengl could be added by anyone. the problem is they dont have enough devs and need to use time on tuning things that are already there or small enhancements. adding another renderer at this point would be like adding another 2 years or w/e they have been making this free not-so-appreciated program.

  • I think we should just wait for 1.0 before we ask for such major additions.

  • I believe Attan was being sarcastic (apart from the ActiveX comment).

    Yeah, I too am all for waiting for 1.0 before asking for such addition, EXCEPT for bloody needed features (such as tcp/ip). The rest, such as portability to other platforms, is not really feasible at this point. I believe the devs have it planned for 2.0, though.

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