Will Construct ever have fullscreen aspect ratio?

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  • I can't see myself developing an immersive adventure or action game in windowed mode, so are there any plans on giving Construct an actual aspect ratio for fullscreen mode?

  • ...?

    Construct can support any screen resolution settings that your monitor can handle, so... yeah, it supports all aspect ratios currently.

    Unless you mean something else, because I'm not sure why someone would think it doesn't.

  • I'm talking about maintaining an aspect ratio in fullscreen instead of stretching the display.

  • Drule is talking about something that is on game maker, like this :

    • Fixed scale will force the window to remain an exact size, regardless of how big its window is (although it'll stop the window from being smaller). A border with a specified colour will be drawn to fill in space between the view size and the window size.
    • Keep aspect ratio will allow you to stretch the view to make it smaller or larger. However, stretches will always be proportional for each size, so nothing will look distorted.
    • Full scale will simply stretch the view to fit its area, even if it means turning a square room into a rectangle.

    i think for now we have only fixed scale mode on fullscreen, unless i'm wrong, i would be glad to know about it too

  • Yeah, "Keep aspect ratio" would be the Game Maker counterpart to the attribute I'm talking about. This is a feature that is present in almost every game making toolkit, so I was wondering if you have any plans on implementing it in Construct. I think it could be a make or break for a lot of people.

  • Ah, I see. I suppose that might be a handy feature to have. Just keep in mind though that you can do this with Construct currently, you just need a few events and some math.

    Also, moving this topic to Feature Requests.

  • There's nothing built-in to do this yet. But you can do it yourself with events. I think the system information object can get the screen width/height, from which you can get the aspect ratio, then you can manually set the aspect ratio via the Set Display Resolution action. A built in option to do this would be handy, though.

  • Yes very handy, just realized it after talking with drule about it. Because right now, event won't lead you to an adjustable screen size.

    After you play with changing screen resolution and zooming each layer to do an exact fit on fullscreen, you either have a visual problem with sprites when they reach low values on Y position (tested it on deadeye's first platform school tutorial), the main sprite vanishes from 64 pixels at top and higher (you can fix that by pulling all the layout graphics down by about 100 pixels).

    Or you have a collision problem if you try the general zoom action (that zooms all layers) and do a "scroll Y" action to reposition the layout with current screensize.

    But all that just make you struggle against something that can be only one click to the user, in order to complete a fullscreen game .

    I hope you can prove me wrong, with a cap sample that can do all this without the errors mentioned above. otherwise i'm one from people waiting for this function to be added.

    A thanks to Ashley and all other members of dev team for making such a pro application that is beyond other toolkit on the market now.

  • I'd love to hear about it too, I'm making a game for Gamejolt's competition and this time I'd love to do it in fullscreen

  • Do you think this will ever be implemented? Both me and my development partner would very much like to see an aspect ratio in use. We're not planning on releasing our game in windowed mode as it detracts from the immersion of the game.

    In other words, what are the odds of us being able to release the game in a few months with aspect ratio in fullscreen mode?


  • Um... did you miss the part about how you can do this already with events? So there isn't an automatic checkbox that does it for you, big deal. Don't let that stop you from making your game.

  • Yeah I asked about the workaround in the chat before, but from what I've gathered it's some sort of complex solution involving changing a lot of the core stuff in your game. I don't really understand how it works, and it doesn't sound very plausible.

    I would really like to stress the importance of having this feature in a game development toolkit. I've showed my game to a few people and every single one of them experienced some kind of stretch in the resolution and asked why there is no aspect ratio. I know you are busy working on other things but this is a standard in every game development toolkit I've ever used.

    So does this mean the feature won't be imlemented? Because it really is a make or break for me and my development partner.


  • Speaking of the big picture....

    You can either implement it, or not implement it. Just because its not built in is not a terribly good reason to discard something. Especially in an open source project.

    Any way hope you kept your sales receipt.

  • So does this mean the feature won't be imlemented? Because it really is a make or break for me and my development partner.

    I wouldn't say it won't, but I would say don't hold your breath. Also, you CAN do this yourself and expect plenty of other things to come up that you'll have to do yourself, which is par for the course with any software offering the flexibility that Construct does.

    Don't fear implementing stuff.

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  • Actually, I think it's not currently possible to do a true screen stretch in fullscreen, and maintain aspect ratio. My example

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