Construct 0.99.85 released (unstable)

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  • Download Construct 0.99.85 (unstable)

    This is an

    unstable build. You can help Construct's development by downloading it, trying it out, testing and reporting bugs. If you have projects you want to work on without possible bugs getting in the way, stick to stable builds.

    Link to previous build (0.99.84) changelog

    I'm afraid there's not much new in this build, we've been busy. Hopefully more progress will come over the summer. This is a candidate for a new stable build because 0.99.62 has some pretty serious bugs we've since fixed.

    Note: this release isn't just to annoy Tulamide



    • [CHANGE] Ball behavior: another change to bounce/move-out-when-trapped algorithm. Seems significantly more reliable now. It's inevitable that sometimes the ball will be squashed from all angles and totally trapped with nowhere to go. Previously this 'teleported' to prevent ever overlapping a solid, which tended to spoil games. Now it is allowed to overlap something solid, but it will move normally towards the nearest open space. Usually this means its corner might briefly overlap a solid and space will quickly free up, then it moves back. In extreme situations, it will pass through a solid and move normally to the nearest free space. This is pretty much the only solution, since there is nowhere else to go, but hopefully should be sufficient for almost all games. At least it doesn't teleport!
    • [FIX] Fixed a bug with platform allowing bunny hoping when the controls are disabled


    • [FIX] Fixed dragging and dropping in the layout editor so the draw order of items are maintained


    • [FIX] Telling a period of a timeline to stop will call its 'stopped' trigger


    • [FIX] Collision mask sometimes incorrect for animated sprites (R0J0Hound)
    • [FIX] Picking problem with 'pick topmost' and 'pick bottommost' with families
  • Well, my usual 'see new release and hope my game killing bug has been fixed on accident" routine as again ended with sadness. Still nice to see some activity though. Cool stuff, but I gotta go cry now.

  • Heh, I came on by chance before going to sleep and find this awesome update. Thanks Scirra!


    Well, bone movement works again (YAY!) but I'm still having major problems with the Physics behaviour and 3D Box object =/ Anyone else experiencing this?

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  • Great to see a new update! Unfortunately, I'm getting an error with my game and this new build. My frame rate seems to drop significantly when going up slopes. I couldn't duplicate this in a new file, so i tried to clean out my game as best i could. Here is the cap: I'll post a bug report.

  • great!

    but will it be okay to install both .84 and .85 versions together?? i don't want both of them to get screwed

    P.S: tulamide won't be really happy when he comes back

  • but will it be okay to install both .84 and .85 versions together?? i don't want both of them to get screwed

    Of course, just install it in a different folder.

  • That was quick... are you sure you didn't want to offend Tulamide?

    Well this update seems full of handy fixes. Should install.

  • Why is the Xbox 360 controller still broke?

    It was working great 2? 3? builds ago.....

    also Information button not working?

  • Nice fix for the Ball behavior. I was thinking if you wanted to avoid users actually seeing it overlap, you could use a dummy object that used the Custom movement behavior set to Restrain distance from the ball, and set to bounce off solids.... might work, that or perhaps slide.

    Thanks again.

  • I expected some more updates\fixes\additions, but that's ok, I know you've been busy.. Good work

  • [quote:150onasv]- [FIX] Picking problem with 'pick topmost' and 'pick bottommost' with families

    This is still not working correctly. Pick bottom-most seems to work, but pick top-most doesn't.

  • Yes, finally a fix for the ball movement! I use it for bullets so that they bounce of balls and sometimes just teleports into nothing ness, even if nothing was there... Hmm.

  • I haven't been around in a while because I am temporarily using a Mac (I moved to Argentina...), but it's very good to have a new build! Keep up the good work! I hope I can work with Construct again soon!!!

  • While you're working on the Ball movement behaviour, it'd be really nice if you could fix this issue that I identified previously:

    basically, balls have randomness in their bounce, even when 'Randomness' is zero and they are bouncing against flat surfaces. Something like that really should be consistant and predictable.

    Other than that, great to see a release, looking forward to seeing more.

  • Oh hey, a new build

    Well, actually I kind of figured there would be since I've been gone so long.

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