Construct 0.99.72 (unstable) released

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  • Download Construct 0.99.72 (unstable)

    This is an

    unstable build. You can help Construct's development by downloading it, trying it out, testing and reporting bugs. If you have projects you want to work on without possible bugs getting in the way, stick to stable builds.

    Link to previous build (0.99.7) changelog

    Some more general bug fixes before the new year. Hope y'all had a good christmas if that's your thing! This build fixes some problems introduced in 0.99.7 plus a batch of general other bug fixes. Davo's also added some bracket matching and syntax colouring to the parameters dialog

    Full changelog


    • [FIX] Timer: crash when saving/loading
    • [FIX] Platform Movement: Detecting a wall to the left/right of you no longer picks up 'slopes'
    • [FIX] Physics: custom collision masks with a hotspot not in the centre would not work as expected
    • [CHANGE] Physics: Simulation Steps - Control how accurate this physics is.


    • [FIX] Canvas: runtime did not scale canvas texture if it was scaled in the layout editor.
    • [FIX] Canvas: drawing lines didn't work correctly (co-ordinates got messed up)
    • [FIX] Canvas : Pasting objects into it when its at an angle now works
    • [FIX] Tiled Background: Non-power-of-2 images are inset by a pixel, but the tiles no longer 'overlap', the area is cropped back (semitransparent tiled backgrounds now render seamlessly)
    • [FIX] Text: Retrieving text width/height now works
    • [FIX] Edit box: 'Focus off' stopped some mouse & keyboard conditions working
    • [FIX] Array: Set index to ? x 0 x 0 followed by setting a value could crash
    • [FIX] Box: setting width/height reset hotspot position to centre

    Picture Editor

    • [ADD] Hotspot and image points finally have an input thingy to type co-ordinates into!
    • [FIX] Holding alt will now position image points in all the frames


    • [FIX] Collisions : A weird glitch involving the near bottom of the collision reported by davioware has been fixed.
    • [FIX] Memory leak with effects
    • [FIX] Crash when family spawning an object in that family.
    • [FIX] Families reported object counts incorrectly.


    • [ADD] Bracket matching and syntax colouring in parameters dialog
    • [FIX] Exporting an event with a trigger as a subevent, and within that trigger event having any other conditions resulted in duplicates. Now fixed
    • [FIX] You could rotate an object that wasn't rotatable (causing the bounding box to rotate)
    • [FIX] Python crash fixed.


    • [ADD] Added new 'set' pixel shader (0.0).

    Programmer's Version: Basically shaders like 'magnify' render a distortion of the background on top of the background. This means if you combine a magnify and an opacity tint, you can get half of the distortion and half of the background which is useful. However, if the background isn't opaque (an object rendering on a layer of its own texture, or say a distortion rendering onto a canvas) you get 'doubling up' of pixels in the background and the pixels in the foreground. So 'set' ignores all the pixels in the background.

    Human Version: If you're pasting an object with 'magnify' onto the canvas to mix the pixels up, put 'set' on it to stop the pixels getting solider!

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  • beautiful

    thanks again ash 'n' pals

    when I get my tax returns I'll donate some to scirra

  • LOL! I totally passed by this thread at first, thinking it was the other one. Didn't realize it's a new version haha awesome fixes too! YAY for canvas love!! Downloading now.

  • Hey Ash, looks like you forgot to sticky this

    Changelog looks good... even though I've already seen it hehe . Downloading now!

  • - [FIX] Collisions : A weird glitch involving the near bottom of the collision reported by davioware has been fixed.

    edit: I'm getting the same error as LmK. It can't find the physics plugin.

  • Got this error upon loading after installing it. Tried a few times. Physics.csx is missing, and behaves the same even if a previous version of the file is there or not. The installer DOES create the files both in plugins and runtime (files dated 19/12/2009), but doesn't seem to see them.

    Error loading f:\Scirra\Construct\Plugins\Physics.csx (14001) - this plugin may not be available![/code:3v0cp2f5]
  • Physics didn't build properly so won't work atm, will upload a fixed build asap.

  • Physics didn't build properly so won't work atm, will upload a fixed build asap.

    No worries, no rush. Just glad it wasn't something I did wrong.

  • OK folks, link is updated. If you downloaded before seeing this post, hit the link again and reinstall (you can install over the previous installation and it should drop in the new physics files). That should fix the physics startup issue.

  • Yay, works fine now, thanks Ashley!

  • sweetness, python fix.... will try when I get time again.

  • Great batch of fixes. Thanks again, guys!

  • for me its still not working 100% since 99.62

    multiple objects passed on to a function, picking seems wrong, was set as pending in the tracker

    if i take the same function code and put it directly into the event it works

    also had a few collision crashes, but will post a new tracker on that

  • I posted this to the tracker, but seeing as you sometimes update the program several times with an unstable version, I was hoping you might fix this, which seems a simple problem:

    From the tracker:

    [quote:f6cqbber]When I want to autoplay a resource WAV with XAudio2 using an expression

    Construct first displays the last chosen sample (from the dropdown) as a

    string, the string being its name. But trying to run the game this way will

    not play the sample, even if the name is correct. The only way for it to

    work is by writing the index number in the expression window (the index

    being where it is chronologically in the Files folder of the Project bar).

    Since it automates to making the last sample picked when you switch to use

    expression into a string it seem like this was intended to work, but it

    doesn't! Fixing it would help as if one were to edit a sample and then

    reload it into Construct its index would change.

  • - [FIX] Physics: custom collision masks with a hotspot not in the centre would not work as expected

    Is this supposed to affect non-custom mask physics objects as well? I made a large physics object with the hotspot located in the upper left and the collision was off, but this was using Bounding Box.

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