Construct 0.99.7 (unstable) released

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  • Awesome; another heap of bug fixes, and so soon! Keep it up devs. Glad to see Davo's back in action!

    I long for the day where the collision bug gets fixed.

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  • thanks devs

    glad to see things moving again

    3dbox fans getting alot of love lately

    hope to see the corresponding sprite z_elevation and 3d mesh fixes to go along with those soon

    good job though, guys, seriously

  • Davioware what is the collision bug XD ?

  • Oh hi David

  • Wow, lots of great improvements!

    Especially "XAudio2: 'Timescale audio' option", that's amazing.

  • Bug fixes are always awesome!

    Btw guys are you going to fix the sprite plugin or not? I was screaming bazillion times about it and submitted this bug to the tracker long ago ... id=1003219 . Once again I'll mention that there is no opportunity to create an example cap because if I do it, it will work on computers that have no problems with sprite plugin. This bug is a great barrier for all construct game devs because this bug lowers compatibility status much! Imagine you've made a cool game but it works only on your pc...

    I've done a lot of things before: installed Construct on XP SP3, then formatted my both hard drives and installed it on XP SP2 but it didn't help(I always have latest DX9 releases on my pc). I still receive this error. Guys you gotta do smth with it I know. I appreciate your hard work and efforts in game creating engine developing much and believe it's the best 2d engine in the world.

  • I couldn't repro, and the bug was automatically closed due to no response (maybe the bot was overzealous, it looks like you did respond there). Re-open it, closed bugs are permanently ignored and won't be looked at again. However, if I can't reproduce it, there's basically nothing I can do. Do you know any particular software/hardware that affects it? Judging from the tracker history, I didn't have enough information to act on it.

    "Will you fix <insert bug here>?" is a common question that comes up from lots of people following new builds. Of course we want to fix all problems if we can. The best you can do is ensure there's an open tracker item about it, and provide as much information as possible so a developer can reproduce the issue and investigate. If it's really causing you problems (eg. collisions don't work or similar) set the priority higher and someone might be more likely to look at it. But we can't guarantee anything.

  • Android can you please give exact details of how to reproduce this bug?

    'This message pops up when I add a new sprite and try to run the


    How are you adding a new sprite, are you using the insert object dialog (creating a new object type) or are you making another instance by copy and paste/drag and drop/ or are you pasting by clone?

    I had a look at but when I run the cap it doesn't crash. luomu82 said it crashed in UpdateBoundingBox so I'm gonna have a quick look in there but this is very weird.

  • Awesome new build guys!

    Especially this:

    [quote:1f78wj60]- [FIX] Platform Movement - You no longer vibrate on moving platforms or fall through them if they move up.


  • wow great adds and fixes, woeha set mass works,yey

    i do have something run very different from the last update, but will put it on the tracker

    some altered picking with function object i think

  • I too am affected by the same sprite bug as Android-Music on one of my systems (winxp sp3, all latest dx updates, etc...). I reproduce the bug by trying to run any cap that contains the sprite object. I suspect it's some hardware incompatibility as I'm able to run Construct just fine on another system running fully upgraded WindowsXP. The system I have that doesn't work has following hardware:

    * Pentium III 866mhz

    * NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 128mb

    -Forceware driver 175.19 (which is the most updated driver available for the card)

  • Oh thanks for attention, people! Well, R0J0Hound is right, the error pops up anytime you try to add a sprite, no matter how. Maybe you should try to recall what did you do in 0.99 builds and what you didn't do in 0989? I don't know what else to suggest.

  • As far as I remember, 0.99 was when the rendering engine was changed.

  • Nice, cheers guys for this. I see v 1.0 getting closer and closer... Any information about online plugin?... Just asking

  • Davioware what is the collision bug XD ?

    I guess he means the pretty serious "when two per-pixel collision object collide, game might crash"-bug. I have it too. I think an update was supposed to fix it, but people still said it happened... ?

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