Construct 0.99.6 released (unstable)

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  • Awesome update!

  • I'm considering marking this as the next stable build since it corrects some important issues. Is anyone having any problems which would make this unsuitable for a stable release?

  • I'm still having problems with runtime loaded image crashes. This one seems to be fixed, but there seems to be another crash that's related. The problem is that I can't seem to reproduce it.

  • See if you can get a reproduce going in a new .cap. Even so, it's better than it was and it seems to be only certain situations in one particular feature, so I'd be happy to release a stable with that known problem.

  • Collision bug is still here!!! I thought it might disappear but is still here and it is annoying as always!

    I cannot continue my project because of that #$!# Error! After a few months waiting im a little angry.

  • Did you post the bug to the bug tracker in a fresh cap? Bugs wont be fixed if they are not on the tracker, there is no need to get angry over this you should always ALWAYS have backups of your caps when you upgrade to a new version, so if you run into a problem you can revert back to the latest version that works.

  • Sorry guys! It was my mistake. I noticed that bug appears only if you load a very old project to new version of construct. I created a new test project ( with 99.6 version) very similar to old one and the bug has gone. I don't know why is that. I will test it soon and send it to a tracker if sth go wrong.

    btw thanks for the new update

  • I suggest fixing the collision bug: ... id=1003219 before marking this as stable. It's a huge problem which can randomly crash the runtime

  • Additionally, -I- don't think it should go stable until the 3D Box rendering is fixed ( ... id=1003219). This has been broken throughout the entire 0.99 series. The 3D Box is built in, so I'd expect it to work, especially if I'm using a "stable" release. I know it's not a crash but if it doesn't work right, that's just as bad.

    EDIT: By the way, your about screen on this build still says "0.99.5"

  • Additionally, -I- don't think it should go stable until the 3D Box rendering is fixed

    From what I know, 3d box was already fixed, but the fix wasn't included in this version.

    I'd love to see the physics custom collision bug fixed in the next stable version, as it wasn't broken on the previous versions. Since I use physics on most of my games and prototypes, I still haven't moved to 99.4, and it makes me sad

    I personally think the next stable version should have at least the most critical bugs that appeared on newer versions solved. Not that you guys shouldn't release new versions from time to time, I just think it would be nice to mantain a consistency between stable versions. It's bad to have a new version with a once-ok feature broken!

  • V.0.99.5 isn't stable? So why is 0.99.6 released?

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  • V.0.99.5 isn't stable? So why is 0.99.6 released?

    Every release is a beta until 1.0.

    Stable beta releases are only different from unstable releases in that they do not crash often.

    New releases fix previous bugs but sometimes there are new ones. Such is the nature of software development.

    Also 1.0 doesn't mean totally bug free, it means it's bug free enough.

  • Yeah, I guess "stable" is a bit of a misnomer, it really means "not as unstable".

  • how about naming it a "General Public Release" or some variation of that?

  • I'm just glad I don't check the front page for updates any more, or I'd be missing everything.

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