Construct 0.98.8 released (stable)

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  • Download 0.98.8 now!

    Construct 0.98.8 (the version it should've been) has been released. This is a fairly major build which does away with the initial problems of 0.98.8, and includes the fixes in 0.98.9 (now gone), also. Don't forget you can help Construct too! Contributing to the Wiki documentation or donating via the main page helps support Construct.

    Here's my fixes since 0.98.8's first incarnation:

    Behaviors & Plugins

    • [ADD] Timer behavior: per instance calling of timers
    • [ADD] New conditions and actions to Turret for predictive aiming and aiming method
    • [ADD] 'Compare timeline' to Timeline object
    • [FIX] 'Is overlapping' not working negated and sometimes crashing
    • [FIX] Timeline edittime editing was broken

    Event Sheet Editor

    • [ADD] 'E', 'S', 'A', 'C' hotkeys in the Event Sheet Editor to add events, sub-events, actions and conditions
    • [FIX] Couldn't use Ctrl-S in the Event Sheet Editor
    • [FIX] When editing events with traits in, traits no longer need to be picked again each time
    • [FIX] Behavior expressions now show parameter information like normal expressions


    • [FIX] Area at the top of the Object Bar is now clickable
    • [FIX] Clicking an object in the Object Bar now always shows correct animations
    • [FIX] Debugger sorted layout names, causing a wrong ordering
    • [FIX] File overwrite dialog showing when it shouldn't
    • [FIX] Object Bar now works when it's undocked

    Layout Editor

    • [FIX] Can no longer undo/redo/cut/copy/paste/other operations while behaviors are being edited - such as Bone Movement Behavior
    • [FIX] No longer a prompt to delete objects when using 'cut'

    Here's the changelog for 0.98.8 originally:

    Animator Bar

    • [ADD] Mirror/flip to frame right click menu, to mirror/flip selection
    • [ADD] Duplicate frames to right click menu
    • [FIX] Crash adding an angle which already existed
    • [FIX] After editing an animation, if you have lots of instances of an object, the object bar wont flicker like crazy being updated for each instance


    • [ADD] Grid Movement: Set wander X/Y actions
    • [ADD] Grid Movement: Option to disable rotations of objects
    • [ADD] Finished Sine behavior (someone forgot to add actions and expressions for it *cough* David *cough*!)
    • [FIX] Platform: Moving left or right and pressing jump + down now lets you fall through platforms
    • [FIX] Platform: Fixed deceleration problems with up, left and right gravity
    • [FIX] Rotate: speed and acceleration are now floats
    • [FIX] Grid Movement: Objects could wander outside their boundaries
    • [FIX] Grid Movement: Moving objects via the Move X/Y actions was sometimes inaccurate
    • [FIX] Drag-and-drop: works when zoomed
    • [FIX] Behavior-handled collisions (like ball's Bounce Off Solids) now trigger normal Sprite collision events again
    • [FIX] Crash adding more than two of the same behavior
    • [FIX] Platform movement: problems with deceleration with up, left and right gravity

    Event Sheet Editor

    • [FIX] Pasting events into an event sheet with no events had a glitch
    • [FIX] Empty event sheet includes no longer crash on preview
    • [FIX] Events would sometimes be replaced by another event sheets

    Event Wizard

    • [ADD] Pressing Up and Down while holding control lets you switch up and down between parameters. Use up and down to select combo items
    • [ADD] Pressing enter in the last step of the event wizard is now the equivalent of clicking 'finished'
    • [FIX] First step in event wizard, the find box is now focused
    • [FIX] Global variables, when you add a new variable, no longer revert to the first global variable when you click finish
    • [FIX] Global objects and categories and hiding objects and stuff clashed a bit with each other, filter code rewritten to fix bugs


    • [ADD] Plugin type field to object properties, to determine what they are
    • [ADD] MDI tabs can now be reshuffled, and closed via middle clicking them
    • [ADD] Progress dialog appears for large applications recovering from fullscreen mode
    • [FIX] Layer deletion problem
    • [FIX] Custom families can now be added to new objects when the .cap is sent to someone else
    • [FIX] Adding a new layer calls it "Layer 2" instead of "Layer 3"
    • [FIX] Crash when resources aren't found
    • [FIX] Crash adding two of the same behaviors
    • [FIX] Event includes that dont actually include anything no longer crash construct on preview
    • [FIX] Large memory leaks fixed which should make Construct alot more responsive and less laggy when used for a long time
    • [FIX] Non-layout objects can now be correctly copy/pasted between layouts
    • [FIX] When removing frames from animations, the object bar no longer updates alot or flickers

    Layout editor

    • [ADD] The prompt for deleting objects back
    • [ADD] Size, angle and plugin type to object tooltips
    • [FIX] Object origin now copied when cloning objects
    • [FIX] Object rollover tooltip is no longer clipped in Vista
    • [FIX] Crash where editing an frame in an animation of an object which was in multiple layouts that weren't open
    • [FIX] On resolution change or lost device, scrollbar wont vanish / flicker

    Picture Editor

    • [FIX] Crash resizing items pasted from clipboard
    • [FIX] Pressing 1 - 9 now moves the action points

    Object Bar

    • [ADD] Sorting of A-Z and Z-Order buttons
    • [ADD] Option to show only objects from selected layer
    • [ADD] Ability to change to small/large icons
    • [ADD] Option to hide non-layout objects


    • [ADD] Common Dialog: set default extension action (to force file extensions to saved files)
    • [ADD] Button: new 'Set visibility' action, 'Compare text' condition
    • [ADD] Particle Spray: new additive render option, allowing you to make particles that blend together additively with no speed loss (great for light particles)
    • [ADD] Date: new 'set to current time' action to keep the time updated
    • [ADD] Text: get text width/height expressions
    • [ADD] Sprite: new action to set displacement point at real co-ordinates
    • [ADD] Timeline: timelines can now be deleted
    • [ADD] Edit: new 'Compare text' and 'Text limit reached' conditions
    • [FIX] Tiled Background: private variables now show in the debugger
    • [FIX] Particle Spray: gravity angle now works
    • [FIX] Particle Spray: bounding box updates correctly, so using pixel shaders with particles won't mess up
    • [FIX] Canvas: had duplicate 'filter' and 'opacity' properties for some reason; now uses the ones in Common properties and others removed
    • [FIX] List box: 'For Each Line' had broken object picking
    • [FIX] Combo Box: 'For Each Line' had broken object picking
    • [FIX] INI: 'For Each Group/Item' had broken object picking
    • [FIX] Process: 'For Each Process' had broken object picking
    • [FIX] Text Manipulator: 'For Each Substring' had broken object picking
    • [FIX] Timeline: changing the timeline selection now shows it
    • [FIX] Timeline: periods can now be deleted
    • [FIX] Sprite: 'On collision between A and B' would not trigger for a colliding object if a different instance was already overlapping B
    • [CHANGE] Renamed 'File' to 'File System', and removed the I/O operations, which should be done with other plugins such as Binary or Text Manipulator
    • [CHANGE] Sprite: 'Is overlapping' condition object picking changed. Note this might break existing applications. The actions in an 'A overlaps B' event are now guaranteed to pair with the instances that are actually overlapping.
    • [CHANGE] Double clicking Timeline (and inserting a Timeline object) now brings up the timeline dialog
    • [CHANGE] Array is now 1 based; if you use Array in a project please review and update your events accordingly


    • [ADD] Debugger: 'CPU waiting on GPU' system object debugger item. This is a percentage of the time in the last second the CPU spent waiting for the rendering to finish. It is fully explained in this updated article.
    • [FIX] Crash using 'break' action in a for loop.
    • [FIX] Crash using certain actions in plugin triggers.
    • [FIX] Crash passing 0 to an 'Every X ticks' condition.
    • [FIX] Crash using conditional (?:) operator in expressions. Should work now, provided the condition is in brackets (ie. (a < b) ? "a" : "b")
    • [CHANGE] 'Run layout' now creates global objects on the first layout. This means using a global XAudio2/Mouse&Keyboard etc on the first layout doesn't break when you preview a single layout.


    • [ADD] If #noicon/#noname/#noquotes are specified in ACE descriptions, the icon/name of an object, or quotes surrounding parameters won't be shown in actions
  • Sweet Cant wait to try this when I get home

    Great job

  • Thanks Rich

    <img src="">

  • Looks nice, will download soon!

  • No serious problems so far! It feels as quite a stable build, however I reserve the final judgment until I've worked a little bit on my projects.

  • whats the purpose for a 1 based array?

    all its doing is breaking old projects that use it?

  • whats the purpose for a 1 based array?

    all its doing is breaking old projects that use it?

    Rich nice work, i think you guys deffinatly need to work out team issues together if Construct is going to succeed.

  • yes the last thing we want is Construct to fail! Construct will be HUGE given time...

    anyway Rich.. awesome update (and that's coming from someone who had to rewrite a lot of code as you know . More stable and the animator bar works!

  • Great job our game imported fine and every thing works just like you would expect it too. Great job Rich with the realease I stil have yet to play with the time line object but overlapping and stuff works great.

  • ahhh, now i cant open my files because of the version number.

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  • [quote:32gbko8q]ahhh, now i cant open my files because of the version number.

    Yep. Always make backups through different versions. Even though I did, I still had to rewrite a lot of code. That's just the way it is with beta releases. If you're worried, stick to front page releases only.

  • yes the last thing we want is Construct to fail!

    Yes! Don't scare us like this!

    I'm sure (I hope) it's just a minor misunderstanding, right?

    Don't let petty things get personal

  • Man, Construct has already improved so much during the short time I've been using it, it's really getting better and better.

    Hope you guys settle the misscommunication issues and the power-play shit - for a project like this to work you guys have to work together as a team and believe in the product. Construct is already pretty doggone powerful and I'm sure with the community you have here it could quickly become the most powerful (if it isn't already) 2d game-creator engine out there.

    Keep pushing, guys, I'm pretty confident that we'll see some very cool results in the upcoming weeks / months.

  • I think it is already the best out there and it's still in beta! Think how good it'll be post 1.0

  • congrats

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