Construct 0.98.5 released

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  • Construct 0.98.5 released

    Basically a hotfix for some things that broke (*glances at David* ) in 0.98.4, and one or two things I'd done in between. Since 0.98.4 did not make the front page or send update notifications, its changelog is also attached below.

    Remember you can donate via the main page. All your donations mean a lot to us and thanks to everyone who's donated in the past. We also pay for upgrades to the Prof-UIS library from donations, so it does come back around.

    New in 0.98.5


    • [ADD] System object: 'On device reset' trigger (objects like Minimap lose their textures on device reset; you might need this to redraw terrain and set up other objects)
    • [FIX] Most recently used (MRU) list no longer shows duplicates
    • [CHANGE] Opening an application also adds it to the MRU list
    • [CHANGE] MRU now lists 10 items and shows full paths

    - [CHANGE] Insert icon replaced by Deadeye's icon. Thanks deadeye!


    • [FIX] Platform movement fixes relating to platform and conditions such as 'is moving' were broken
    • [ADD] Bone movement - moving mouse over a handle makes it go blue
    • [ADD] Bone movement - action 'Force bone reposition', which can be used if you need the bones to instantly reposition themselves (eg. you're manually positioning something to the co-ordinates of a limb and your having synchronization problems)

    Changelog from 0.98.4


    • [ADD] Drag & Drop: ability to limit dragging to one axis
    • [ADD] RTS: Get destination X/Y
    • [ADD] Platform: can disable down-falls-off-platform, new conditions for testing wall left/right/above
    • [FIX] Ball movement: 'Set angle' had no effect when 'Rotate object' enabled
    • [FIX] RTS movement: issuing a move action on Start of Layout crashed
    • [FIX] Platform: objects with the 'platform' attribute are no longer solid sideways

    Event sheet editor

    • [ADD] Draws lines to show indentation of subevents
    • [FIX] Crash using 'go to' when no include had been made
    • [FIX] Adding events by the ribbon now insert at the right place
    • [FIX] Adding stuff from the ribbon now unselects the previous selection and selects the new stuff
    • [FIX] Adding conditions by the ribbon and by the right click inserts at the right place
    • [FIX] Can no longer add sub events in stupid places like comments and includes (ribbon, right mouse popup, drag drop, hover buttons covered)
    • [FIX] Deleting events or groups without deleting their children will no longer cause the children to reverse. Also, it will make the animation gap that the events move smaller so the transistion wont mess up
    • [FIX] Crash running a project with a blank event sheet include


    • [ADD] New 'No serialize' attribute. Objects with this attribute will not be saved or loaded at runtime by the save/load/quicksave/quickload actions. Useful for objects like XAudio2 playing music etc (You need to add this attribute manually in old .caps)
    • [ADD] 'No to all' when resource prompts occur, if they are missing
    • [ADD] Some (long overdue) window settings: minimize box, maximize box, caption, resizable.
    • [FIX] Reordering layouts now sets the changed status of applications to true
    • [FIX] Editing/adding/deleting any resource now sets the application status to changed
    • [FIX] Crash selecting 'go to url' in insert object dialog
    • [FIX] Crash resizing selections in the Picture editor
    • [CHANGE] Double clicking in the object bar opens the picture editor now
    • [CHANGE] Updated to new Prof-UIS 2.84
    • [CHANGE] Update checker now runs in a thread, should stop all lockups at start
    • [CHANGE] The Directsound object no longer appears in the Insert Object dialog. You can still open old .caps using the object, though. Use XAudio2 instead of Directsound.

    Layout editor

    • [ADD] Holding enter while left clicking selects the object under the selected object (allowing you to get to those hard to select items!)
    • [ADD] While dragging, pressing enter will paste the object onto the layout making it easier to make large amounts of objects
    • [FIX] Crash with pasting clones
    • [CHANGE] Right click wont change the selection in layout editor if you mouse is over a selected object


    • [ADD] Timeline object: significantly upgraded, effectively version 2
    • [ADD] XAudio2: Limiter (on by default). The limiter dynamically adjusts the volume so sound does not distort if you are playing a large number of samples at once. This substantially improves audio quality in this situation.
    • [ADD] Layout object: transparent & resize-to-fit options, can scroll independently
    • [ADD] Sprite: 'is overlapping at offset' condition. Can be used instead of 'detector' sprites.
    • [ADD] Sprite: 'resume animation' action, which plays but does not go back to first frame
    • [FIX] XAudio2: possible crash in playing samples
    • [FIX] XAudio2: crash playing music from resource twice with two instances
    • [FIX] Tiled background: 'set image scale' did not display all parameters in event sheet editor
    • [FIX] Plasma object: is now timedelta-compliant
    • [FIX] Crash in Bone movement
    • [FIX] Minimap: invalid texture reference when device reset


    • [ADD] System object: cubic interpolation expression (cubic())
    • [FIX] Collisions: bounding-box tested against per-pixel objects was not working
    • [FIX] Debugger-reported event numbers are now always correct
    • [FIX] Problems with incomplete containers in layout editor again
    • [FIX] Weirdly rendered display if the layout was smaller than the window, and mouse co-ordinates sometimes wrong in that case.
    • [FIX] 'Pick a random object' didn't work correctly with families
    • [CHANGE] Animations are now allowed to skip frames if they are faster than the framerate
    • [CHANGE] Passing a family to a create/spawn action now picks a random type in that family and creates that
    • [CHANGE] Debugger can now also identify the event sheet a crash originated from if it happened in an action, condition or expression.
    • [CHANGE] Window automatically centers itself in the screen on startup.
  • Awesome, thanks for the quick bug fixes. By the way, is there a chance we could get the option to switch back to the old event sheet editor style?

  • I think we wanted an option for the old style but it didn't make this build... we'll try and add it to the next build or two.

  • Thank's for the update.

    Could you add an extra option to the drag and drop behaviour so 1 click activates and drags continuous and another click is needed to drop it?

  • Awesome! oh and what is it the new prof-uis includes??

  • Nice build guys.

    Good work.

    Any chance of a keyboard shortcut, so you can drag things from the object list at their original size, as opposed to the last size they were. Perhaps ctrl-drag. Should this be in the feature request forum?

  • The new Prof-UIS build included some UI bug fixes which is just a good idea to have, really. It's also got some new back-end features, like a themed messagebox class, which we might be able to take advantage of in future.

  • Good work guys.

  • Hey, the forums are back up

    Probably a good thing they were down, I took the time to completely rewrite all of my detector stuff using the new offset overlap feature. Works like a charm. Now instead of "Intro to Detectors" the lesson will be called "Detecting your Environment" .

    Glad to see the hotfixes from the previous build, too... looks like everything is back in working order. Good update, guys!

  • The forums went down twice today, I contacted our host and it seems the server reset twice or something. Harrumph. Hopefully everything will be OK now...

  • Awesome update, good work.

    And thanks for take my suggestion in these builds. I loved them.

  • Not too many replies on this build... I take that as a good sign . Everything seems to be working pretty well so far.

  • if i didnt already say so, great work.

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  • Not too many replies on this build...

    Hey, I'm still reading the changelog. They were busy!

    By the way, it looks like your insert object icon made it into the build, though I don't see it in the changelog.

  • I need no praise for my meager contributions. It's reward enough to know it's there.

    Though I now realize that the favicon for the Scirra site is actually the right size and looks better than the button I made, so they should probably use that instead

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