Construct 0.98.3 released

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  • Download 0.98.3 now!

    This build has some more bug fixes (lots for bone movement!), and a few extra bits thrown in. We're announcing this build slightly different this time around - this build is announced on the forum, but won't yet be posted to the site front page, nor will it popup a new release prompt in old builds. Once a day or two has passed and we're confident this is a solid build, we'll do all that.

    We're also in the process of moving the site to a new server since our old server ran out of bandwidth (!). That's why we were down for a blip, thanks to Gullanian for donating his spare bandwidth. Full changelog:


    • [ADD] Two new modes to Grid Movement behavior: NPC and manual. NPC will randomly wander within the x/y boundaries set in properties, just like NPCs in RPG games. Manual allows you to move objects manually on the grid
    • [FIX] You can now delete joints in the Bone Movement
    • [FIX] Hitting delete in Bone Movement now won't cause a crash on exit
    • [FIX] Other properties now can't be opened if the layout editor is locked by a behavior (eg Bone Movement)
    • [FIX] Crash exiting layout editor if a behavior has locked it (eg. Bone Movement)
    • [FIX] Undo now works when editing behavior properties
    • [FIX] 'Animation is playing' under Bone Movement now working
    • [FIX] Drag & Drop: Only picks topmost object if you try to drag two overlapping objects

    Event Sheet Editor

    • [ADD] Insert group to the right click event menu
    • [FIX] Selecting traits/families would sometimes crash
    • [CHANGE] Groups/events now add under the last selected item
    • [CHANGE] When dragging downwards or upwards, the editor will now scroll


    • [ADD] Cloning an object that has images or animations now clones the images and animations
    • [FIX] Zoom Y rate now fixed
    • [FIX] Double clicking an empty error when adding a behavior would crash
    • [FIX] Adding/moving/dragging/deleting layers now sets layouts to 'changed', so quitting will prompt to save
    • [FIX] Crash when editing animation images in the event sheet editor
    • [FIX] Layout reordering (again)
    • [FIX] Adding private variables when adding an object to a family correctly sets the number/text type of the added variables
    • [FIX] Cannot name an object the same as an attribute (eg. 'Solid')
    • [FIX] Translation mixup in resource bar; right clicking a binary resource now shows 'remove' instead of 'add'

    Picture editor

    • [FIX] Pasting to other editors now works
    • [FIX] Crash switching tools sometimes
    • [CHANGE] Last tool is now remembered when the picture editor is next opened


    • [ADD] XAudio2: Full 2D sound positioning to match Directsound capabilities
    • [ADD] 'For each item' and 'For each group' to INI object
    • [ADD] 'Get animation frame count' to Sprite
    • [ADD] Enabled property to the HTML control
    • [FIX] XAudio2: panning a mono sound crashed
    • [FIX] Text to speech object now works
    • [FIX] Particles were never seen at their first frame before, only their second
    • [FIX] Colour filter now affects particles
    • [FIX] Sprite now accounts for the animation angle with auto mirror and auto flip (so you dont have to draw your object at 0 degrees)
    • [CHANGE] Particle Spray - particles created per frame are distributed over the time gap, preventing fast moving large rate particles having 'gaps'
    • [CHANGE] Button, Edit, Combo Box and HTML, List box, and Progress bar now render using Direct-X, removing the old control drawing system, which was largely inaccurate or flickered


    • [ADD] 'NormalRandom(mean, sigma)' system expression: normally distributed random function
    • [FIX] Objects that use negative widths or heights (eg. Sprite) no longer vanish when they are near the edge of the screen
    • [FIX] Modulus operator (a % b) now converts both parameters to integers if they are floats then calculates modulus, eg. 12.2 % 5 = 2 (means system expressions which return floats like timer can work with modulus)
    • [FIX] Change display size/change fullscreen in the same tick crashed runtime
  • Whoah, that's a lot of bug fixes! Glad to see that the bone behaviors "Animation is Playing" condition has been fixed. I'll download it later and see if I come across any new bugs.

  • Nice update! Lots of useful stuff in there

    And thanks for the hosting Gullanian!. I saw the "Bandwidth exceeded" message earlier today and got a little worried. But on the other hand, I guess that means more people are visiting the site so maybe that's not a bad thing

  • thankx deadeye

    but when i checked update from construct 0.98.2 it said you are updated

  • This release is being released on the forum first before the updaters and website are changed, so if there's any last minute bugs they don't circulate.

  • Woah, so many bug fixes already after 0.98? Great! And some useful-looking additions too. And that normal random! Thanks!

    And thank you for Gullanian too! (Btw. is he younger or older brother :D?)

  • Construct crashes for me now when i use grid movement.

    Temp.exe has stopped responding.

  • This is why we pre-released it .

    Seems something's got muddled in it, having a look.

  • What object are you using it on?

    I can't get a crash.

  • The box object.

    It does seem to work fine with sprites so far.


    Any chance you can add pathfinding to the object too?

  • Ah right yes it doesn't work correctly with boxes for some reason, I'll have a look into that.

    Pathfinding's on the long term list for it, I've got several plans for it after 1.0 .

    Also, Gullanian's older, though you wouldn't think it to read his posts.

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  • Outstanding work as always.

    Let me know if your having hosting issues as I have some contacts in the business.

  • Uploaded a new version with fixed 'Add animation angle' text and highlighted actions in XAudio2. Will be posting on front page now.

  • You guys work fast.

  • Always a surprise when visting the boards

    Good work fellas!


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