Construct 0.97.7 released

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  • Download 0.97.7 now!

    We've all been really busy lately, all of us being in full-time education with courses which are pretty demanding on our time, but nevertheless we still have been doing some small updates. And here they are. This should keep you ticking over till Christmas, when we should have some more time

    Don't forget you can support Construct's development (and maybe prevent the coders from the horrors of starving/becoming homeless/not having any beer money) by donating via the main page.

    Here's the full log of changes.


    • [ADD] Bullet movement: Set Range
    • [ADD] Fade: Maximum opacity (eg. fade an object in to 50% opacity)
    • [FIX] RTS movement: 'Stop' action caused other moving units to also stop if they collided with it afterwards
    • [FIX] Turret movement: occasionally made turrets disappear

    Event sheet editor

    • [ADD] Icons in the right click menu
    • [FIX] Crash in parameters dialog in standalone event sheets
    • [FIX] Event groups no longer show '&' as an underscore in title and description
    • [FIX] Some cases of actions and conditions with expressions involving private variables could not be inserted
    • [CHANGE] Event Wizard now shows helpful text in the text at the top relating to the object/action/condition being added
    • [CHANGE] Some items in the right click menu moved/removed for clarity


    • [FIX] Can no longer drag non-layout objects
    • [FIX] Can no longer cut/copy/paste non-layout objects
    • [ADD] Move up/move down buttons in manage variables dialog for global variables and private variables.
    • [ADD] System object: 'Number is between...' condition.
    • [FIX] All instances now selected when an object is clicked in the Object Bar
    • [CHANGE] 'Run without PS' on by default in Application Properties. Too many people were making games without thinking about shader versioning, resulting in a lot of people seeing error messages. Default behavior is now to run with unsupported shaders disabled: MAKE SURE YOU TEST what it looks like by setting 'Simulate shader' to PS 0.0 and running your game. If you want to absolutely require a pixel shader version, turn off 'Run without PS' (not recommended). More info under 'Effects' on the wiki.


    • [ADD] Box object: antialiased drawing (see comparison)
    • [ADD] Dropshadow: Set Offset action
    • [ADD] Minimap: Textured points
    • [FIX] Tiled background: seaming occured when zoomed out a long way with non-power-of-two texture.
    • [FIX] Box object: 'compare private variable' broken.
    • [FIX] Box object: hot spot now re-centred when you change a box's size. Before it did not change which made for some inconvenient maths. This may affect existing applications.
    • [FIX] Mouse & Keyboard: releasing the right mouse button triggered 'On middle button released'
    • [FIX] Sprite object: Crash using 'Spawn object' to create an object destroyed by its 'Destroy when...' shader setting
    • [FIX] Particles: now renders particle sizes according to zoom level


    • [FIX] Crash using 'For each' with a family and the family having a movement
    • [FIX] Changing to fullscreen mode from windowed mode still allowed an invisible caption to be dragged, causing a glitched display
    • [FIX] Family movement triggers did not trigger or select objects properly (eg. Family of bullet movements 'Projectiles': On Range Exceeded followed by 'Activate fade behavior' would not have worked)
    • [CHANGE] Runtime treats layouts smaller than the window differently: they are now centred on a black background as opposed to resizing the layout.
    • [CHANGE] 'Set Timescale' now affects the value returned by TimeDelta immediately, allowing non-timescale affected events (eg. set timescale to 1.0, run events, set timescale to old value)
    • [CHANGE] Runtime now uses the August 2008 D3DX release. It was previously using the August 2006 release, which is probably widely installed so standalone EXEs would be unlikely to prompt to install a DirectX update. However, XAudio2 requires a newer DirectX version, so we have upgraded to the latest version. This means it is fairly likely standalone EXEs will prompt end users to update their DirectX installation - there is not much we can do about this, but with time, it will become less of an issue as it propogates wider. The error message is now "You need the August 2008 DirectX update in order to run this application. Click 'OK' to open the DirectX download page, where you can install the August 2008 DirectX End-User Runtime. Press 'Cancel' to exit the application."
  • WoW!

    How many versions 0.97.X will be yes?

    I'm waiting for 0.98! xD

    edit - new version, new bug..."Center view on me" doesn't work ;(

  • Confiremd: center view on me no longer works

  • Woops, forgot to take some debugging code out which broke center view on me. Just use "Always - scroll to object" for now.

  • Hey just go the new version. Great job guys! Just a quick question about "center view on me" it does not seem to be working... Keep up the good work I know you'll fix it soon.

    edit: Sorry didnt see the new post will do Ashley.

  • Awesome, thanks for the new update Ashley

    Working okay so far (except for the center view thing, of course )

  • OK, I've reuploaded a version with the fixed "Center view on me" attribute. Same download link. Give it half an hour to propagate across the SF download servers then it should be working. Let me know if it works out.

  • awesome update!

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  • Thanks Ashley. Also how do you make a username to contribute to the wiki?

  • ~Sol

  • Really nice! You got the "number is between" condition in there too! And deafult "run without ps." is great! Now i don't have to order a special version for every game people upload here!

  • Can someone confirm the new version (download same link again) can do "Center view on me" properly?

  • Yep, looks like it's working fine from here.

  • Can someone confirm the new version (download same link again) can do "Center view on me" properly?

    It's OK - "Center on me" works good

  • Sweet

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